Eminem & Jay-Z’s Summer Concerts Blueprint Revealed

Eminem & Jay-Z’s Summer Concerts Blueprint Revealed

The strategy behind the Eminem and Jay-Z multiple summer concerts in Detroit and New York City have been unveiled, revealing the plans that went into bringing a show starring two mega-watt rap stars to fruition.

According to reports, their concerts, which kick-off later this week, were strategically scheduled.

First on the list: nailing down a window that fit the baseball schedule, while accommodating the show’s unique needs as a one-off event rather than a full-length tour. “The production is very, very complicated, a lot of moving parts, because it’s only the four shows,” says production director Dan Parise. Work began several weeks before the May announcement. World-renowned lighting and scene designers were enlisted, and at Live Nation’s New York office, specialists dove into 15-hour days, crafting stage renderings and configuring logistics. (Detroit Free Press)

Additional production details have also been revealed.

Fifty-plus semitrailers will haul the production from Detroit to New York — more than the typical continental tour by the Rolling Stones or U2. “Put it this way,” Parise says. “It would be difficult to tour this show, and I think that tells you everything.” Over six days at Comerica Park, which hosted an Eminem show in 2005, a crew of about 300 will erect the stage, build light and audio structures, and lay protective covering atop the playing field. About 40,000 people will fill the ballpark for each show, including fans from Europe and Asia. (Detroit Free Press)

Due to scheduling, plans to extend the concerts were nixed.

“We probably could have done four dates (at Comerica Park), but the schedule just didn’t work out,” said Dana Warg, president of Olympia Entertainment, which operates Comerica Park in Detroit. “The way we announced it nationally on ESPN and Fox, with the artists in town, certainly helped the exposure. We have them coming from all around for this show, and I think it will have a huge economic impact in Detroit.” (UPI News)

During his shows, Eminem will be supported by a live band.

Eminem will be going the live band route for his four-date tour with Jay-Z. Eminem will be performing with a live band for his much-discussed, four-show tour with Jay-Z. While Eminem is certainly no stranger to using live instrumentation in his performances (the rapper had The Roots back him for his live rendition of “Lose Yourself” at the Grammy Awards). (Hip Hop DX)

Eminem and Jay-Z’s summer shows kick-off Thursday, September 2nd in Detroit.

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Check out footage of Eminem & Jay-Z down below:

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