Eminem “Impressed” By Rap Newcomer Yelawolf, “This Dude’s Serious” [Video]

Eminem “Impressed” By Rap Newcomer Yelawolf, “This Dude’s Serious” [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem has reportedly co-signed newly signed Interscope Records artist, Yelawolf.

According to producer Jim Jonsin, he played Em a few Yela music videos which impressed the Shady Records CEO.

“I’m really excited about Yelawolf, he just signed to Interscope and I actually played a video for Eminem of Yelawolf, ‘Pop The Trunk,’ and he really liked it,” Jonsin revealed in an interview. “It was really cool because I’ve been a fan of him for a long time, he’s like a little brother, I really have love for that dude. And seeing him come through, struggle and all, I played him the video — he watched the whole video and was really impressed and I told Yela about it and he was like, ‘Get the f*ck out of here!’ and I was like, ‘No, no, he watched the video and loved it.’ It’s cool that he signed to Interscope because Em’s on Interscope…I played him the video and played him [another] video after and he was like, ‘Wow, that’s the sh*t.’ He really liked it, he was honest with his opinion on it and I like that…he was like, ‘Yo, this dude’s serious.'” (Rap-Up TV)

Recently, D12’s Bizarre denied speculation that Yela was trying to copy Em’s style.

“Let me tell you something about Yelawolf,” Biz said in an interview. “He is not Eminem and he’s not trying to be like Eminem. He is a country dude from a hick town in Alabama and he is himself. His music is who he really is and he’s totally different than Eminem. He is real dope though, and the lane he got nobody else has that right now or ever.” (Baller Status)

Last month, Biz spoke about developing a relationship with Yela.

“Yelawolf, I had heard the song with him and Raekwon, and I heard the song with him and Juelz [Santana], so I liked his vibe,” Bizarre explained in an interview. “One day he came by the studio in Atlanta and we ended up just hookin’ up, and just doin’ a song. What I love about Yelawolf is that no matter who he gets on a song with, he represents the redneck, country, backwoods of Alabama. [Laughs] He’s just giving his point-of-view, on a lot of stuff that I didn’t really know about the country lifestyle that he informed me on – and I kinda put him up on Detroit. That’s what the song is all about, it’s called ‘To The Left.'” (Hip Hop DX)

Yela recently talked about being signed to Interscope and the inevitable Eminem comparison.

“I’ve probably been through every label in the past couple of years,” laughs Yelawolf. “I don’t think we missed any. But after SXSW, it just got really heated, you know? Prior to that we had taken a few meetings, but we decided to just hold out and go knock it out there, see where it took us…I think it’s completely fair, especially now that I’m at Interscope [to be compared to Em.] There’s only been one internationally successful white rapper, so it’s human nature. Obviously I don’t know him as a person yet, but based on his lyrics and the music that he’s put out, there’s definitely a common ground of troubles. I’m absolutely up for it. I would love to work with Em. I’m a fan, so I’m definitely going to pitch it. I gotta take advantage of where I’m at.” (Billboard)

Check out Jim Jonsin speaking on Eminem & Yelawolf down below:

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