Eminem Fights His Way Back Into Hollywood

Eminem Fights His Way Back Into Hollywood

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem will lace up the boxing gloves and make his return back to Hollywood in an upcoming film called Southpaw.

Reports of Em’s movie career comeback landed online Tuesday (December 14).

Rapper Eminem is set to return to the big screen playing a boxer in a proposed Dreamworks’ production titled ‘Southpaw’. DreamWorks told website TheWrap that the film will be developed as a star vehicle for Eminem, reports the Daily Telegraph. Kurt Sutter, the creator of ‘Sons of Anarchy’, will write the script. (SIFY News)

Details on the rapper’s character and storyline have also been revealed.

Like in Eminem’s 2002 screen starring debut 8 Mile, Southpaw will be fueled by the struggles that inform Eminem’s music and mirror his life. Eminem will play a fast-rising welterweight boxer who brawls his way to the title, only to see his world crash down around him due to tragedy. The movie is about his fight to reclaim past glory. (Chicago Now)

Script writer Kurt Sutter confirmed Em’s involvement on the project this week.

“I love that the title refers to Marshall being a lefty, which is to boxing what a white rapper is to hip hop; dangerous, unwanted and completely unorthodox,” explains Sutter. “It’s a much harder road for a southpaw than a right handed boxer.” (Deadline)

Earlier this year, rumors arose suggesting Em considered multiple separate movie roles.

A rep for rapper Eminem has denied thestar has signed up a new movie role. This week it was reported that Em would be starring in the forthcoming 360 movie alongside Rachel Weisz and Anthony Hopkins. But it looks as though the story isn’t real, as a spokesperson for the hip-hop star says there’s “no truth” to the articles. The rep also denied another rumor that Eminem is in talks to appear in the next Batman movie, to play the role of “The Riddler.” (OMG Music)

Check out some recent Eminem footage down below:

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