Eminem Fan Crushed After Bidding On Slim Shady’s Childhood Home: “My Heart Just Literally Dropped”

Eminem Fan Crushed After Bidding On Slim Shady’s Childhood Home: “My Heart Just Literally Dropped”

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem’s childhood Detroit home reportedly has a fan in tears after finding out it is expected to be demolished in the future.

Despite putting up a bid, diehard fan Shelly Hazlett claims she recently learned the auction would not go down.

Shelly Hazlett, 28, of Clarksville, Tenn. told MLive she received word over the phone from the Michigan Land Bank that the home at 19946 Dresden will eventually be torn down. Hazlett also claims a woman in the office, who didn’t identify herself, told her several other abandoned homes on the street between 7 and 8 Mile roads will also be demolished. “My heart just literally dropped when I heard the news,” said Hazlett, who wants to turn Slim Shady’s home into a museum. “The woman told me there’s absolutely nothing I can do.” Attempts to reach Mario Morrow, a Michigan Land Bank spokesman who specializes in Detroit area properties, have been unsuccessful for several weeks. Morrow hasn’t returned phoned messages or responded to emails asking for an explanation and the property’s ownership status. (M Live)

Even though her dream of owning Em’s home may be crushed, Shelly wants to still find a way to pay homage.

Hazlett placed a bid on the Dresden home on Nov. 4 and claimed she was notified by the Michigan Land Bank that she should hear from it within five business days. Show vowed Monday to get the house “one way or another.” She provided MLive with what appears to be records of her bid and confirmation from the Michigan Land Bank that it was received. It’s unclear when the Dresden property and surrounding properties could be demolished. And Hazlett isn’t sure what her plans are now. She hasn’t, however, ruled out buying at least one property in the area and using that as some sort of tribute to Eminem and his music career. “I don’t know, I don’t know,” Hazlett said. “There’s got to be something I can do. The woman I talked to told me I wouldn’t even be able to buy the land after the home is torn down.” (M Live)

Earlier this month, Em’s childhood home went up into flames.

The Detroit Fire Department responded to the blaze in the 19900 block of Dresden Street near East State Fair, just south of 8 Mile, at 6:20 p.m. Thursday, Senior Chief Jack Wiley said. A cause has not been determined. Fan Matt Toporek, 21, of Harper Woods said the abandoned home’s front door was open two days ago when he visited the house, but the inside was intact. Today, the inside was a charred mess. The ceiling between the first and second floors is burned away. Soot stains the exterior above the windows. (Detroit Free Press)

Aside from being featured on Em’s album covers, the home was the property of a local bank.

The home on Dresden, originally pictured on the cover of his 2000 release, The Marshall Mathers LP, was most recently owned by the Michigan Land Bank. The government program that manages vacant properties – including 11,000 in Detroit – was auctioning the property, with minimum bids starting at $1. The home was listed on the land bank website today, but its status was unclear. (Detroit Free Press)

Reports claim Marshall Mather’s mother purchased the place over 20 years ago.

According to public records, Deborah Mathers bought the house in 1987 for $19,900, agreeing to pay the couple who owned it $3,000 down and $220 a month. In 1994, the couple issued a deed to Mathers, who on the same day signed the deed over to Ann Investment. The property changed hands about 10 times before the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office foreclosed for non-payment of taxes in 2001. A company listed as EM & UU Properties bought the house for $1 in 2009 before it was abandoned. After the house failed to sell for $500 at a Wayne County Treasurer’s Office auction, it was turned over to the Land Bank. (WTSP)

Buzz behind Slim Shady’s childhood crib going up for auction surfaced online a couple months ago.

The home where Eminem spent most of his teenage years is on the auction block. WWJ’s Sandra McNeill stopped by the house on Dresdan Street on Detroit’s east side. The Michigan Land Bank has put the homeonce owned by the rapper’s mother, Debbie Nelson, up for sale. The brick bungalow sits behind tall weeds and is boarded up in a block where nearly every home appears to be vacant and some stripped of anything valuable. (CBS Local)

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