Eminem Explains Why He’ll Never Pack Up & Leave Detroit For Good [Video]

Eminem Explains Why He’ll Never Pack Up & Leave Detroit For Good [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem recently talked about his undying love for the city of Detroit and why no matter what he will always stay grounded in Motor City.

When asked if he would ever pack his bags and move, Slim Shady immediately shut down the idea.

“Absolutely not, nah,” Em said when asked if he ever thought about leaving Detroit. “[I stay] because, you know, for one, the most obvious answer is because it’s all I know. It’s all I know. I love it, there, you know, despite the little complaints on the record and sh*t like that, the whole concept of the record was just basically — I’m complaining about sh*t people might think is ridiculous and as I’m complaining about it, I’m realizing this sh*t is ridiculous that I’m complaining about.” (BBC Radio 1)

He also credited the city for showcasing an undying will to survive and win no matter what the challange.

“I think it’s kind of the Detroit mentality to, we’re kind of the underdog,” Em added. “We’ve always been kind of the underdog and that’s kind of how I’ve [approached things]. I’ve taken that with me, I want to say that fighting spirit that Detroit has because Detroit, you know, is so resilent. People there, we have this, you know, kinda Detroit versus everybody mentality because I feel the way people look at us, they always count us out. I know that that attitude is displayed a lot in my music but I think that’s where it comes from. It’s just from feeling like we’re being counted out.” (BBC Radio 1)

Earlier this month, Em’s childhood Detroit home went up into flames.

The Detroit Fire Department responded to the blaze in the 19900 block of Dresden Street near East State Fair, just south of 8 Mile, at 6:20 p.m. Thursday, Senior Chief Jack Wiley said. A cause has not been determined. Fan Matt Toporek, 21, of Harper Woods said the abandoned home’s front door was open two days ago when he visited the house, but the inside was intact. Today, the inside was a charred mess. The ceiling between the first and second floors is burned away. Soot stains the exterior above the windows. (Detroit Free Press)

Aside from being featured on Em’s album covers, the home was the property of a local bank.

The home on Dresden, originally pictured on the cover of his 2000 release, The Marshall Mathers LP, was most recently owned by the Michigan Land Bank. The government program that manages vacant properties – including 11,000 in Detroit – was auctioning the property, with minimum bids starting at $1. The home was listed on the land bank website today, but its status was unclear. (Detroit Free Press)

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