Eminem Downplays Rap God Title, Reacts To Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Controversy

Eminem Downplays Rap God Title, Reacts To Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Controversy

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem recently discussed his true stance on declaring himself a rap god and what he thinks of the controversy Kendrick Lamar sparked with his “Control” lyrics.

Despite crowning himself “Rap God” last month, Em downplayed truly seeing himself as one.

“I think everything switches back and forth from hour to hour, day by day with me. That whole “Rap God” record pretty much from top to bottom is tongue in cheek. So I mean, do I want to feel like that? Maybe sometimes. Again, it goes back to everybody who competitive raps and does this for just purely the sport of it wants to be the best. Again, that’s why Kendrick’s verse worked so well because he only said what every rapper’s already thinking, If you don’t want to be the best, then why are you rapping?” (Rolling Stone)

Slim Shady also offered a take on Lamar name-dropping and donning a “King of New York” title on last summer’s “Control” track.

“I don’t know if he needs advice. He seems like he’s got a really good head on his shoulders, man. He’s very smart and you can tell by the way he put his album together for one. He’s like a hip-hop head, man, he just loves hip-hop. And obviously the way that he did the “Control” verse, it was almost like if you get mad at him, then you might look foolish. He set it up so that you can’t really get mad at a lot of that shit he said because it was what every other MC is already thinking. Or you should be thinking.” (Rolling Stone)

In a recent interview, Em showered the self-proclaimed “King of New York” with accolades.

“What he’s doing right now, it’s pretty f*cking incredible,” Eminem says of Lamar, sounding genuinely excited. “He seems like this kid that’s just full of life and happy to be here. The impact he’s had over just the last couple of years. it’s been really fun for me to watch.” (Billboard)

Em and Lamar’s new “Love Game” premiered online this week.

Eminem enlisted celebrated rapper Kendrick Lamar for his new song “Love Game,” a cut off of his upcoming album, “The Marshall Mathers LP 2.” The collaboration has Eminem rapping about his relationships with women before Kendrick lays down a hook, crooning, “She doesn’t love me, no she don’t love me no more / She hates my company, yeah she don’t love me no more / I tried to get her up out of my head as my bags hit the door / She screamed she loves me like she never did before.” (Huffington Post)

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