Eminem Delayed The Release Of Dr. Dre’s “Under Pressure” Single W/ Jay-Z

Eminem Delayed The Release Of Dr. Dre’s “Under Pressure” Single W/ Jay-Z

Dr. Dre‘s “Under Pressure” Jay-Z collaboration was reportedly delayed because of Eminem‘s recent “Not Afraid” release.

The Detox single will be released later this year.

Alright, enough with the jokes. Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine did an interview on Skyrock radio in France a little while ago and here’s the information being supplied by my sources who heard them live: 1. ‘Under Pressure’s release was delayed because Eminem decided to drop his new one ‘Not Afraid’ first, which was not the original plan. 2. They now have another single ready, other than ‘Under Pressure’ but have not decided which one will come out first. They did stress on releasing it this Summer though. 3. They reaffirmed the fact that Detox will be out this year. Who here still has hopes? (Hip Hop N More)

The song was produced by hitmaker Scott Storch.

Famed Grammy Award winning producer Scott Storch has come together with legendary Grammy Award winning super-producer Dr. Dre to produce the long awaited first single, “Under Pressure” off the highly anticipated album, “Detox.” This project has been in the works for some time, which has created a wave of hope and anticipation. (Market Wire)

Dre recently said his new single would likely be released last month.

“Yes, hopefully we’ll be releasing [‘Under Pressure’] in the next two weeks or so,” Dre said in an interview referring to his Jay-Z collaboration. “And I’m definitely gonna be putting the album out this year. Finally, you know, and I think everybody is gonna be happy with it. That’s it right now. I’m just trying to finish this record, finally get it done, get it out and start promoting it.” (CNBC)

Em’s “Not Afraid” record debuted in late April.

Eminem has debuted his new single Not Afraidon radio, and it’s quickly hit the internet. The song is the first taste of the rapper’s next album Recovery – which is due for release in June. “Not Afraid” features Em’ reflecting on his rehabilitation from drug addiction (and “facing my demons”) in a typically forthright way. “I’m not afraid/ To take a stand/ Everybody come take my hand/ We’ll walk thos road together through the storm/ Whatever weather- cold or warm/ Just letting you know that you’re not alone/ holla if you’ve been down the same road.” (MTV UK)

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