Eminem Crowned “Artist Of The Decade,” Total Albums Outsell Jay-Z & Nelly

Eminem Crowned “Artist Of The Decade,” Total Albums Outsell Jay-Z & Nelly

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem has reportedly sold the most albums of the past ten years, outselling other rappers such as Jay-Z and Nelly.

Slim Shady’s combined totals also out-sell the No. 2 holders, The Beatles‘ 27,591,000.

1. Eminem, 31,127,000. First charted: 1999. Eminem, 36, is the top male artist and the top rap artist so far in this decade. His 2000 album The Marshall Mathers LP is his best-seller. It has sold 10,178,000 copies. 7. Nelly, 21,206,000. First charted: 2000. Nelly, 34, is the #1 new artist to emerge in this decade, edging out Linkin Park. He’s also the #1 African American artist, edging out Jay-Z, and the #2 rap artist. Nelly’s 2000 debut, Country Grammar, is his best-selling album. It has sold 8,454,000 copies. 10. Jay-Z, 19,379,000. First charted: 1996. Jay-Z, 39, is the #3 rap artist of the decade. 2003’s The Black Album is his best-selling album of this decade. It has sold 3,338,000 copies. Jay-Z was the #152 album-selling act of the ’90s. (Yahoo News)

His marketing strategy behind the comeback album Relapse was recently released to the media.

While Eminem hasn’t relied exclusively on Twitter to get the word out, the effort has produced some impressive results. According to Compete, Eminem.com reached 113,868 unique visitors during April, while the most popular of his tweets — which linked to TheRelapse.com on May 7 — reached at least 41,704 people within just one week, according to an analysis of data provided to AdAge by Tweetreach. And data provided by Native Digital, the start-up behind music-buzz tracker We Are Hunted, suggest that Eminem was the most-talked-about artist on Twitter last week, the week before the album’s release. (AdAge)

Em’s manager, Paul Rosenberg, has addressed his artist’s new marketing direction.

“In the past, when we’ve tried to do things in a new way for Eminem, it was just more of OK, cookie-cutter types of ideas,” he said in a statement. “But in this one we really pushed ourselves, because of the time we’re living in, to create a different experience.” (Statement)

As of today (May 31), Em’s new album remains the biggest-selling debut of the year.

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem has made his triumphant return to hip-hop with the No. 1 album of the year and in the country this week. According to Nielsen Soundscan, Slim Shady’s comeback project Relapse debuted on the charts with 609,400 copies after seven days in stores. (Sales Wrap)

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