Eminem & Busta Rhymes’ ‘Calm Down’ Sparks Controversy: “Dude Jacked My Beat” [Audio]

Eminem & Busta Rhymes’ ‘Calm Down’ Sparks Controversy: “Dude Jacked My Beat” [Audio]

Rap heavyweights Busta Rhymes and Eminem’s new “Calm Down” record has some controversy surrounding it this week with a fellow hip-hop artist claiming it is based off a stolen beat. #CalmDown

Rapper Genesis LXG singled out the track and said it stemmed from his own track, “House of Pain,” released this past spring.

“So dude jacked my beat and gave it to Eminem and Busta #Jacked @BustaRhymes @Eminem #Calmdown http://genesislxg.bandcamp.com/track/genesis-lxg-house-of-pain-ft-thanos …,” LXG tweeted June 30. (Genesis LXG’s Twitter)

A day later, music veteran House of Pain’s Everlast applauded the new record.

“The Calm Down record has been in the can for a minute I heard it awhile ago. I did a verse for the remix I believe we’ll see @bustarhymes,” Everlast tweeted July 1.

“And for the record I think it’s ridiculously banging . @eminem @bustarhymes @scoopdeville” (Everlast’s Twitter)

Busta delivered on fans’ high expectations by premiering the catchy anthem Monday (June 30).

Of course, no battle can truly begin without the right music; producer Scoop DeVille borrows the horns from House of Pain’s classic “Jump Around”. From there, two of the most furious spitters in all of rap-dom engage in six minutes of intense battle: Eminem is toxic and acerbic, making references to Abe Lincoln and his brain as a fried egg, while Busta is his usually dense, manic self, somehow managing to include “Fahrvergn├╝gen” into his fervent wordplay. (Consequence of Sound)

A few days ago, the song’s producer Scoop DeVille revealed the mystery song could premiere as early as this week.

“That’s the next record that’s going to, I’d say, destroy the streets of New York and hip-hop in a lot of ways. That record is something that we’ve been putting together for a minute. It’s not just like an overnight thing. We’ve been trying to make this ‘the’ record to bring back Busta in a major way.” (VLAD TV)


Check out both tracks:

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