Eminem Accused Of Lip-Syncing At Scotland Festival, “His Miming Was Awful” [Video]

Eminem Accused Of Lip-Syncing At Scotland Festival, “His Miming Was Awful” [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem caught heat over a weekend performance at the annual T in the Park Scotland festival for allegedly lip-synching during his show.

According to reports, footage of Em’s miming has landed online.

Take a close look at the Eminem clip from the show, which was shot at the huge Scottish festival T in the Park this past weekend. The hip-hop star has been accused of lip-synching at the event, disappointing fans who turned up to witness his first show in the U.K. for five years. (Prefix Mag)

Fans from the event called out Em for his alleged lip-synching.

But many festival-goers have contacted Gigwise claiming that Eminem lip-synced along to a backing track. Jack said: “His miming was awful, at one point he tried to say something and his mic was off. Disgusted!” Another fan, Nelehgirl, said her brother attended the festival and was also left disappointed by the rapper’s performance. “He mimed at a supposed live festival and he didn’t even know he was in Balado – he seemed to think he was in Edinburgh,” she said. (Gigwise)

However, other fans in attendance claim Em did, indeed, perform live.

Someone called Yur Dah said: “Eminem doesn’t mime he is just one of the very few artist who actually sounds live like he does on CD.” And Wez added: “I was there, Eminem didn’t mime. He just had his songs playing with him rapping over the top of them as he does most of the time he performs.” (Gigwise)

While at the event, Em performed new records from his latest album, Recovery.

The undoubted star of the show, Eminem keeps fans waiting. And waiting. And waiting. After a near half hour wait the lights go up and the Detroit rapper emerges in spectacular form from the floor of the Main Stage. Arriving to a hero’s welcome Eminem proves that rap can exist as a stadium commodity. Deeply ingrained in American culture, the Detroit star’s music nonetheless transgresses such trifling difficulties as the Atlantic ocean. Playing the bulk of new album ‘Recovery’ the rapper finishes with a medley of classic hits when Eminem seemed to throw grenades in American culture with almost carefree style. (Clash Music)

Check out footage from the event below:

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