E-40 Says Nate Dogg’s Practically Irreplaceable, “We’re Older Dudes That Know Too Much”

E-40 Says Nate Dogg’s Practically Irreplaceable, “We’re Older Dudes That Know Too Much”

Bay area rap legend E-40 recently shared his reaction toward Nate Dogg‘s passing last month and why it may be practically impossible to replace the late rapper/singer.

In 40’s eyes, Dogg’s legacy dates back to the late 1980’s.

“Well first of all, they would have to be reincarnated or go way back or something. It would have to be an older guy. It’s too late if they didn’t start younger. See let me tell you something about E-40. Let me tell you about Too Short. Let me tell you about Jay-Z. We’re older dudes that know too much. We’re from the ’80s era you smell me? Nate Dogg goes way back. You have to be laced in chrome. That’s going to be hard to do, for someone to try and become another Nate Dogg. Because like I said, he knows how to sing and he knew how to spit game in his hooks and the way he got down where you can paint a picture with it. It just wasn’t that easy. He had a chemistry and he was from a certain era. So I don’t know, I just think it will be tough.” (VIBE)

Following his death, rap newcomer YG told SOHH about his relationship with Nate’s son.

“I’m a big fan of Nate Dogg,” YG told SOHH. “Nate Dogg’s son is like my little brother’s homeboy, we’re cool. So I’m gonna do something for him and when he passed away, I tweeted, “Rest In Peace Nate Dogg” a couple times and everybody re-tweeted it. I grew up listening to Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, the whole 213. Nate Dogg is a f*cking legend. And that sh*t is f*cked up but it’s life. I’ve known Nate’s son for about two years or so. I used to stay in these apartments out in Long Beach and his son used to stay out over there. He was real cool with my little brother. So I’ve known him for about two years.” (SOHH)

Fellow West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg got a Nate Dogg tattoo on his arm following his passing.

Snoop Dogg has found an interesting way to remember his friend Nate Dogg, who died earlier this month. The “Gin and Juice” rapper got a tattoo sleeve of Nate on his arm, with the phrase “All Doggs go to Heaven” written underneath. “Tha tattoo u been waitin 2 c. My bro Nate Dogg by @Misterctoons,” Snoop wrote on his Twitter page and posted a pic of the image on Saturday. (Us Magazine)

Last weekend, a funeral was held in the memory of Nate Dogg.

On a dark and damp Saturday morning (March 26), thousands of family, friends and fans turned out for one last show from their hero, rap legend Nate Dogg, who was laid to rest in his hometown of Long Beach. Inside the Long Beach Cruise Terminal, lights shined down on the wooden coffin adorned with red and white flowers. Two jumbo screens on opposite sides of his casket flashed six different photos of the singer from a childhood boy, when he was known to family as “Buddy,” to the platinum singer known to the world as Nate Dogg. West Coast rap artists including Dr. Dre, Game, DJ Quik, Mack-10 and WC, DJ Pooh, Battlecat and others were on hand to pay their respects to the singer with platinum vocal chords. (MTV)

Check out a Nate Dogg tribute below:

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