E-40 Says Goodbye To Fatburger Franchise, Re-Launching 40 Water Brand In ’09


Veteran Bay area rapper E-40 has announced the closing of his popular Fatburger franchise in California.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the hip-hop mogul has confirmed the impact of today’s financial crisis as being one reason for his unexpected decision, however, he plans to shift his focus to a new venture.
“I’m moving on from Fatburger because it didn’t really take off like it did in Southern California,” 40 told Times. “I’m moving on to Wing Stop…that’s where it’s at.”
Reportedly having worked on the new restaurant gig for a year, the rapper also plans to re-launch his 40 Water brand beginning early next year.
“I’m revamping it right now…changing the artwork, because there are so many big dogs out there,” he added. “I’m independent like an independent record, and big dogs like Pepsi are trying to crush me.”
40 Water’s re-launch is expected to kick-off spring 2009.
In related news, Denver police are still searching for the individuals responsible for a shoot-out following E-40’s concert at Club Vinyl in Colorado last Friday (December 26).
Despite violence surrounding the hip-hop venue, the rapper has released a statement denouncing any involvement in the shooting.
“Neither E-40 nor anyone traveling with him was in the venue at the time — E-40 had concluded his performance and been back in the hotel room,” 40’s management wrote in a statement. “He encountered nothing but love and gave nothing but love back. E-40 had a crowd pleasing and peaceful show…. While he certainly regrets that this incident took place, E-40 and camp are unable to control the poor and tragic choices that other adults choose to make.”
As of today, no suspects have been named in the shooting that wounded five people.

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