Duke Da God Reveals Favorite Dipset Anthem, “That Record Put Everybody Together”

Duke Da God Reveals Favorite Dipset Anthem, “That Record Put Everybody Together”

With the Diplomats reunion in full swing, SOHH recently spoke to Dipset A&R Duke Da God to find out his all-time favorite Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Freekey Zekey record.

Although the Dips’ music dates back to the 1990’s, Duke said his top track from the group was released within the past 12 months.

“What’s my favorite record of all-time out of the Diplomats, hmmm,” Duke pondered. “That’s a good question. My favorite record of all-time, that’s a Dipset record, hmm. Not trying to sound so ‘in the future’, but I’m going to say [2010’s] ‘Salute’. Let me tell you why though. [laughs] I’m gonna say ‘Salute’ because ‘Salute’ came together at a time when nobody was even together. That record kind of put everybody together. And on top of that, that is a record produced by [my artist] AraabMuzik. It’s AraabMuzik and Duke Productions. So it’s kind of more personal with that record and I feel like that record kind of glued the Diplomats back together and it’s a ‘good’ record. I would say that record right there got the ball rolling again and [is] one of my biggest records to date.” (SOHH)

Last summer, AraabMuzik opened up about how “Salute” came together.

“I had gave him the beat, but I didn’t think nothing of it. Cam already had that beat in his e-mail before Jim. Cam was like, ‘Alright f*ck it kid, I guess I’ll just do the hook and a quick verse on it.’ And then ever since then, Jim’s been hooked. He’s always been calling Cam or Duke up to bring me back over there to play some more sh*t…I got the call from Cam maybe last month telling me that he needed a Diplomat single and saying that they were all working on a single. So I guess this joint is now the single, ’cause all three of them are on it. I’m not sure if that joint is gonna be on the album.” (Complex)

In June, the Dipset reunion track debuted on New York radio station Hot 97.

Of course, the big homie Funkmaster Flex got to drop the bombs on the first song from the reunited Diplomats, he played it tonite on his Friday night Hot 97 show. And even though I missed the commotion while watching Ip Man 2, thankfully both Jimmy and Cam sent me the CDQ of the song, because I’ve been waiting to hear this too!….and share with you. Even though its still early yet, I’m definitely proud to see the progress. Big up to Jim Jones for persevering, Killa Cam for allowing, and Juelz for joining…Dipset 2010! (Miss Info TV)

The Dips’ Freekey Zekey previously stepped up to claim responsibility for reuniting his crew.

“I done grabbed up Killa, snatched up Juelz, called Jim, we all sat down and I said enough of the bullsh*t, what’s happening,” Zekey recalled to radio personality Mr. Peter Parker. “We got big money, big business, big opportunities right now and I’m not stopping until everybody sit down right here and put everything out on the table — I [was] sitting there and letting them know it was way bigger than this, what are [they] arguing over, nobody took a dirty Subway sandwich and smacked somebody’s mom’s with it…I can never give up on my family. It’s 2010, time to get it in. Dipset wins again…” (Mr. Peter Parker)

Check out “Salute” below:

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