Duke Da God On Dipset Reunion, “Before That, It Was Never Genuine”

Duke Da God On Dipset Reunion, “Before That, It Was Never Genuine”

Diplomat A&R Duke Da God has offered his insight on the new and improved Dipset heading into the new year just months after Cam’ron and Jim Jones reconciled their differences.

Duke believes his crew’s return will display their maturity and respect for one another.

“We know what it is now and I just don’t think that everybody wants to be as petty as we were with each other now,” Duke said in an interview. “We’re a lot older and a lot more mature. We were younger. Everybody’s had a little career. Everybody’s growing up a little bit more. We appreciate each other more than we did before and the situation. I don’t know about everybody coming back together and did everybody talk about why they stopped speaking to each other. I don’t know. But we matured. It’s like when New Edition came back together. I don’t know if they talked about what happened when they were on tour but they’re just moving forward and appreciating each other. It’s going to be a lot of that. Before, it was never genuine. I just think that everything is going to be a lot better. The respect factor is there and the appreciation factor is there. Everybody got a taste of what it feels like to be on their own and we realized that we’re a lot stronger together than separate and on our own. Everybody wants Dipset back.” (Hip Hop Game)

In May, Jim Jones talked to SOHH about reuniting with Cam after differences separated them for nearly four years.

“Nah, I love [Diplomatic Immunity questions]. Ask me some more. We comin’ to kill. You heard me? I don’t know what been going on in the rap game but I know what’s about to go on in the rap game. Shouts to Killa, shouts to Juelz, shouts to Freekey Zeekey. Dipset fo’ life. Holla at us. Yes [a deal] is [on the table]. Where the money at? Nah, it’s never about money ’cause we got money but we want more money so who got the money? Who got the mottz?” (SOHH)

Dipset’s Freekey Zekey later said he was largely responsible for reuniting the crew.

“I done grabbed up Killa, snatched up Juelz, called Jim, we all sat down and I said enough of the bullsh*t, what’s happening,” Zekey recalled to radio personality Mr. Peter Parker. “We got big money, big business, big opportunities right now and I’m not stopping until everybody sit down right here and put everything out on the table — I [was] sitting there and letting them know it was way bigger than this, what are [they] arguing over, nobody took a dirty Subway sandwich and smacked somebody’s mom’s with it…I can never give up on my family. It’s 2010, time to get it in. Dipset wins again…” (Mr. Peter Parker)

Diplomats are reportedly set to ink an album deal with Interscope Records.

After an interview at The Source Magazine headquarters where Freekey Zekey insinuated that a Dipset deal with Interscope Records was possible by pointing to a magazine cover with Dr. Dre‘s picture (in addition to the revelation that the group has actually recorded with Dre), Freekey has confirmed that the group will be signing a deal with the label. “The papers are not actually signed right now [sic] but you could basically say it’s going down,” said Freekey in an interview with QTheQuestion.com, when prompted about the possibility of a deal with Interscope. (Hip Hop DX)

Check out some recent Dipset footage below:

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