Droop-E Reveals How His Dad E-40 Inspired His “Hunger”

Droop-E Reveals How His Dad E-40 Inspired His “Hunger”

[With his new Hungry And Humble EP currently available for purchase, E-40’s son and protégé Droop-E gives SOHH readers an inside look at how the project came together.]

This Hungry And Humble EP has been in the works for the last two years. Basically the motivation was for me to take the music I grew up off of from the 1990’s and basically flip different themes to my style. Like when I did the Sade [BLVCK Diamond Life] mixtape a few years ago, I flipped those songs through my experiences.

My pops put out his first solo EP in ’91 and so 20 years later, I wanted to do the same thing. This is my first solo EP in stores with all original music. That’s what I did. With “Rossi Wine,” I took his “Carlos Rossi” record and I flipped it. But the concept was to pay homage and show my own style at the same time.

At first, it was going to be a smaller EP with only about five songs. I had this concept of Hungry And Humble for the last seven years. I was going to use it as my actual album title so as I started working on the small EP, I kept trying to perfect it. I kept working with so many projects all at the same time. I was like, “Man, this is just taking up so much time,” and that’s why I decided to call it Hungry And Humble and made it eight songs instead of just five.

My pops, he told me when I first started making beats when I was about 15-years-old, he just told me the key to success is to stay hungry and humble. He’d say, “No matter what comes to you, remember where you come from and what you’re in it for. Don’t get comfortable. Always to remember your ground and remember your roots.” Those are the keys to success.

Well known as the son of Hip-Hip icon E-40, Droop-E makes his new Hungry And Humble EP look effortless as he exceeds expectations with this new montage of real music produced by himself and Bay Area legends DJ Toure and Rick Rock. The influential project, with guest features from Kendrick Lamar, J-Stalin, Nite Jewel, Cousin Fik, R.O.D., Work Dirty, Kaveo, Choose Up Cheese and more, marks a milestone in the Bay Area-native’s music career as a force to be reckoned with.

To check out the new Hungry And Humble EP, just click here.

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