Drake’s “Thank Me Later” Projected To Sell 475K In First-Week

Drake’s “Thank Me Later” Projected To Sell 475K In First-Week

Drake‘s highly-anticipated Thank Me Later album is reportedly en route to sell up to 475,000 copies in its first-week in stores.

Based on industry estimates, Drake will flirt with the possibility of going gold in seven days.

According to music industry prognosticators, Drake’s debut full-length studio album “Thank Me Later,” which was released on Tuesday (June 15), is projected to sell in the range of 425,000 to 475,000 — if not more — by week’s end on June 20. If it moves as much as sources think, it’ll mark one of the biggest sales weeks of the year for a single album. (Billboard)

T.I. recently predicted that the album would hit the 500,000 mark in its first week.

“I’m confident in my man,” T.I. said about Drake’s first-week. “I think if 500 [thousand] was the over, under, I would take the over. Given his potential and his presence, I would. I think that’s safe, that’s a safe bet. He hasn’t put out a dud yet. He hasn’t put out a dud, not even as a feature, so I think that warrants about a half [a million].” (Hot 97)

West Coast rapper Game recently said he believed the album could also go gold in a week.

Thank Me Later got leaked,” Game said in an interview. “You think he ain’t gonna go out there and push over gold the first week? I got [him selling] over 650,000 first week. That’s what I’m giving Drake: 650, man. Every now and then, a man comes along and reshapes hip-hop; this is the dude for this time. I came out, my first album, 590,000. I feel he got a bigger buzz than I did. When I came out, everybody else was still poppin’. Right now … he’s just coming down. I got my album coming, Tip coming, Ross coming, but everybody is on their Drake stuff — even me. Dude is good, man.” (MTV)

Last month, Drake said he was not interested in record sales for his debut album.

Drake made this album for music lovers, not for the Billboard charts. “I didn’t make this album for commercial purposes. A lot of the verses are extremely long. I just made it to share with people. I hope they can enjoy.” (Rap-Up)

Check out T.I. speaking on Drake’s first-week numbers down below:

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