Drake’s Still Keeping 40 On Short Leash: “There’s Not Enough Money In The World You Could Pay Me To Track Anybody Else”

Drake’s Still Keeping 40 On Short Leash: “There’s Not Enough Money In The World You Could Pay Me To Track Anybody Else”

Young Money rapper Drake’s longtime friend/producer Noah “40” Shebib recently discussed his loyalty toward the platinum-selling hip-hop artist and how he is still off-limits to other musicans.

According to 40, there is no dollar amount which could persuade him to produce for other artists right now.

“Drake is really lucky. Nobody in my position who mixes records at the level that I mix at is gonna go sit in that chair and hit record and stop all day long. Or sit there for 10 hours pressing record and stop. 10 hours, six days a week, on top of everything else. No one’s gonna do that. The level of quality he gets from his tracking engineer is that of a big boy mixing engineer, so I spoil him, I guess. There’s not enough money in the world that you could pay me to track anybody else. There’s no way. There’s nobody.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Back in summer 2010, 40 revealed Drake’s intent on only having his signature sound on their records.

“At this point in time the only rappers I have any interest in working with outside of Drake are Wayne and [Jay-Z],” 40 revealed in an interview. “And that’s from Drake’s mouth. I think Drake has been so instrumental in creating that sound that I have a commitment to him. If he doesn’t’ want me to give it away I won’t…My ambitions are to stay focused with Drake. When it comes time to develop another artist I’ll make that move…I feel blessed. I’m a kid from Toronto. I’ve been driving my mom’s station wagon for the last 8 years for real. I’m trying to make a career for myself and not flush it down the toilet.” (VIBE)

In light of the loyalty, Tha Bizness’ Henny talked to SOHH with his take on the duo.

“I look at it like this,” Henny told SOHH speaking on 40 honoring Drizzy’s request. “You got cats who have done that and have been super successful in the last 10, 15 years with cats like Manny Fresh. He was pretty much Cash Money to the neck. And when you’re dealing with somebody like 40, he came in just being Drake’s righthand man from mostly being his engineer to helping construct all his ideas to helping him do his sound mixes. He’s just his overall go-to guy. So when it comes down to needing somebody’s help for that vision, to have that partner there to make things make sense, for 40, it could limiting him if Drake’s brand starts to decline as any big artist will as it simmers out. But right now, I would say it’s not a bad thing at all.” (SOHH)

Producer Nitti Beatz previously spoke to SOHH about their inseparable bond.

“I mean, there is not anything wrong with being a loyal producer to an artist who you came up with,” Nitti told SOHH in a statement. “[laughs] I did learn a lot from watching [ex-Cash Money Records producer] Mannie Fresh. But if you can give that same artist multi-platinum hits that will make you some big checks, get cha money until it [ends or] that well dries up!” (SOHH)

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