Drake’s “NWTS” Collaborator Hurt In Car Crash, Suffers Multiple Injuries

Drake’s “NWTS” Collaborator Hurt In Car Crash, Suffers Multiple Injuries

R&B singer Jhene Aiko is on the slow path to recovery after suffering a handful of injuries including a broken wrist from a car accident in California this week.

According to reports, Jhene was rushed to a hospital following Monday’s wreck in Los Angeles.

Jhené Aiko is recovering after being injured in a car accident in Los Angeles on Monday. The news spread across social media after her friend Miss Diddy tweeted that she had been involved in a “bad car accident.” Her young daughter was riding with her, but was not harmed. The 25-year-old singer suffered a broken wrist, chipped tooth, and had to get stitches in her chin. She tweeted a photo of herself giving the thumps up in the hospital with cuts and bruises on her face and her arm in a sling. Upon her release, she returned to Twitter to thank her fans for their support. (Rap-Up)

The singer also provided details on her injuries and her daughter’s condition via Instagram.

“thank u all for the prayers . I get to go home …. just a broken wrist , chipped tooth and stitches in my chin . most importantly Nami is ok , not a scratch … as she was also in the car , in the backseat with me . I’m also thankful that @sonnieoryan and @miyokochilombo are ok also ! Be safe out there everybody and thank u again for the love” (Jhene Aiko’s Instagram)

Earlier this month, Young Money’s Drake cleared up rumors about a track from his LP and said guest collaborator Jhene was wrong about a song title.

“40. Gonzales. Jhene Aiko. Might be my new favorite song. @JheneAiko @chillygonzales @OVO40,” Drake tweeted August 9.

“The song is not called Momentous Occasions. That’s a terrible title.” (Drake’s Twitter)

Careful with her words, Aiko recently revealed Drizzy allowed her to pick their joint track’s beat and announced the song’s alleged title.

“I am not going to say too much. Recording the song and working with him, period, was a momentous occasion. Because I think he is amazing, like a magical being for me, like a unicorn or something. He is somebody I like to listen to to get inspired and helps me write from an honest place. Recording that song was more of a personal experience because we sat with [Drake producer Noah] 40 [Shebib] and I got to help pick the beat, take it home and record to it. That was more of a collaboration than other tracks I’ve done.” (FUSE TV)

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