Drake’s “Nothing Was The Same” Is Phenomenal, Promises YMCMB Producer

Drake’s “Nothing Was The Same” Is Phenomenal, Promises YMCMB Producer

Young Money producer Detail recently updated fans on the status of Drake’s upcoming Nothing Was The Same solo album and promised the project will live up to the hype.

Detail provided some information on his in-studio session with Drizzy during the album’s production process.

“I just came back from Canada working with Drake. I went out there to get the Canada lifestyle and it was great. He took me to a concert. [We] smoked some hookah. [It was a session] for Nothing Was The Same. That album is phenomenal. The way he works is confirmation that I know what I am doing personally. That’s why he called. That tells me I know what I am doing when I go out there and I just see the body of work and hear it. I see where he sees me fitting in, which is dope because he is kind of doing what I do. He seems to feel as versatile as I am, and I am filling those blanks.” (XXL Mag)

The producer also noted how much Drake delivers with his vocal skills.

“We was rocking the Ketel One and sangria. Birdman, of course, sent me some GT. So I had the GT Vodka. I can rock that alone with no chaser. We was in the studio every night, but that’s part of [it.] I won’t describe [what we put together]. I think he should describe it. He would describe it better than I would. You’ll just hear it when it happens. The album is amazing. I can talk about the elements. Vocally, what’s he doing is amazing. And then, just being a real n*gga. He’s got a song on his album that I wish I was there to play the hi-hats! Or I wish I was [there] to play the snare! I wish I was in there with a metronome! Somehow, I wish I was a part of that song. I still wish I was a part of that song. That’s all I can say.” (XXL Mag)

Cash Money Records head Birdman recently said Drizzy will change the music game with his upcoming LP.

Baby is one of the few who has gotten a preview of Drizzy’s upcoming Nothing Was the Same LP, and it left some impression on him. “I think Drake he’s one of those n—as that’s gonna change the game every time he come, because he’s a talented animal. He’s somethin’ I never been around before,” said the music mogul responsible for the careers of Lil Wayne, Juvenile and Nicki Minaj. “He bring it to another level,” Bird said of Drake’s artistic drive. “It be amazing to watch him. You got a Drake, you got a Wayne, you got a Nicki, you got all the little homeys who’s turnin’ the corner and everybody is super talented. It’s just something amazing for me to witness in my lifetime.” (MTV)

Last month, Drake revealed the new album will land on stores shelves in September.

“N O T H I N G W A S T H E S A M E S E P T E M B E R 1 7 T H,” Drake tweeted June 22nd. (Drake’s Twitter)

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