Drake’s NCAA Football Star Proves He’s Still Drizzy’s Best Friend Forever

Drake’s NCAA Football Star Proves He’s Still Drizzy’s Best Friend Forever

The bromance meter for NCAA football star Johnny Manziel and Young Money’s Drake has risen as a new photo of the Texas A&M quarterback backstage at a “Would You Like A Tour?” concert has surfaced.

According to reports, the photo stems from Drizzy’s recent stop in San Antonio.

Drake and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel are best buds. They wear each other’s jerseys, shout each other out at concerts and on TV and even rep each other’s brands with tattoos. So it wasn’t a surprise when Manziel posted a picture with Drake’s childhood friend, Ob O’Brien, while backstage at Drizzy’s show last night in San Antonio. The bromance continues. (XXL Mag)

Last month, Drake tried his very best to will Manziel to a game day win.

If you were shocked when Johnny Manziel temporarily went down when he tweaked his knee, think about how Drake must have felt. Johnny Manziel is down with the OVO crew and Drake has constantly supported and defended Manziel. The Texas A&M quarterback eventually got back in the game, but things eventually got realer as Ole Miss took the lead, 31-24 Of course, Drake is holding it down for Manziel by watching the game from his television wearing a custom jersey with the quarterback’s name on it. Because Drake loves his team, and he’d die for his [boys]. We wonder how emotionally invested he’s going to be when the Raptors’ season start up. UPDATE: Drake’s support wasn’t enough. The Aggies fell 38-31 to Ole Miss. (Complex)

Drizzy recently said Johnny was a close friend and good person in light of negative press he had received this year.

“Despite what some people report, I actually consider myself a positive reinforcement in his life. I try to keep him on track. I know he has a bright future and he’s displaying it right, especially in his last two performances,” Drake explained in an interview. “He’s a great guy and he’s got the best intentions. He does nothing with malicious intent. I love him to death. We’ve gone from sort of like I’m a fan of his and he’s a fan of mine to genuine friends. And I think we’ll be friends for a long time. He is a pure soul. … He’s not a wild guy. He’s passionate about music and he’s passionate about football. In his free time when he (wasn’t) playing football, he chose to come see me. … For me it’s not about hanging out and looking cool because I know Johnny Manziel. I care about this guy.” (ESPN)

The Toronto native is known for tossing out tweets in Manziel’s honor onto his Twitter page.

“JOVOhnny Football!! Go Time!,” Drake tweeted September 14. (Drake’s Twitter)

Recently, Texas rapper Slim Thug admitted he could see him suiting up for the Houston Texans next year.

Matt Schaub is doing his best Jake Delhomme impersonation these days, which is not good for a Texans team that had the seventh-best odds at making the Super Bowl at the start of the season. Hamburger purveyors are offering pick-6 burgers in his honor, and fans are torching his jersey. I fear for his safety. But alas, Texans fans, rapper and Houston advocate Slim Thugga has a solution: Johnny Manziel. “We need u kid @JManziel2 u will be treated like a king here,” Thug tweeted October 6. Manziel, as you already likely know, is the proud owner of a Heisman Trophy, has been at the center of scandal and moral discourse and is currently the 18th-most prolific passer in college football. Will Texas A&M’s redshirt sophomore save the day in Houston? (CBS Sports)

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