Drake’s “Miss Me” Director On Lil Wayne’s Absence, “It Wasn’t Shot The Way I Would Have Shot It”

Drake’s “Miss Me” Director On Lil Wayne’s Absence, “It Wasn’t Shot The Way I Would Have Shot It”

Director Anthony Mandler, has expressed his feelings about filming Drake’s video for “Miss Me”, and why it was difficult to put together a visual without the incarcerated Young Money leader Lil Wayne‘s presence.

Mandler also explained the underlying theme he instilled into the video.

“It wasn’t shot the way I would have shot it,” Mandler explained to MTV News. “So I had to come up with a world where I had ultimate control. I think with Drake, we’re always looking for overarching themes. We’re always looking for bigger themes to hang our hat on. With ‘Miss Me,’ what was interesting to me was not the idea of ‘miss me because Wayne was gong to jail.’ Because it was deeper than that. It was the attainability verses the unattainability. And how stars and people who are public figures are expected to sit on a platform and be grabbed and watched and photographed and controlled.” (MTV)

The music visual landed on the Internet last Thursday (August 19).

The Anthony Mandler-directed “Miss Me” clip opens with a disorienting collage of imagery over a moody ambient soundtrack. Most of those images recur once the proper song begins. Fireworks explode and a lady in lingerie gyrates as Drake raps, flashing goofy grins and grouchy scowls all the while. At one point, Drake hurls a Molotov cocktail at a brick wall. When it explodes, Lil Wayne is released in the form of a spectral hologram. This eerie Wayne genie then kicks a guest verse, with Drake mouthing along to his lyrics. (Entertainment Weekly)

Wayne is seen throughout the clip in a series of images.

The “Miss Me” video features a lot of fire, bright flashing lights and Drake rapping in front of various scenes. Of course there’s rap video dancing girls included for good measure. Lil’ Wayne who is currently serving time is shown via images of the incarcerated rapper on the walls, in flames or on television screens. (Gather)

Mandler previously teamed up with Drake for his “Find Your Love” and “Over” music videos.

Drake hopped a plane from his hometown of Toronto to sunny LosAngeles, where he is shooting the video for “Over” today. Rap-Up.com has learned that Anthony Mandler is directing the clip for the first single from Drizzy’s debut album Thank Me Later. The filmmaker has helmed videos for Rihanna (“Russian Roulette”), BeyoncĂ© (“Irreplaceable”), Jay-Z (“Run This Town”), and Mary J. Blige, for which he teamed up with the Canadian artist on “The One.” (Rap-Up)

Check out the “Miss Me” music video down below:

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