Drake’s Follow-Up Coming Sooner Than “Later”, “The Intro [Is] Done”

Drake’s Follow-Up Coming Sooner Than “Later”, “The Intro [Is] Done”

Young Money President Mack Maine has updated fans on the status of Drake‘s upcoming Thank Me Later follow-up.

According to Maine, Drake already has a jump start on the untitled effort.

“Drake’s crazy,” Young Money president Mack Maine said in an interview. “He’s doing a [R&B] mixtape right now. He called me one night, like 2 in the morning. He has the intro done for the new album. We was discussing dates where he should come back. That’ll be soon. And this mixtape, he’s gonna put that out quick. His formula is crazy. He works fast. I can’t give the secret away to the formula. He’s a musical genius. The way he and [producer] 40 put things together is crazy.” (MTV)

Earlier this year, Drake said he was contemplating a second album title.

Drake’s debut album hasn’t even hit stores yet, but he’s already thinking of a second album title. Moments is the name he’s been tossing around for his sophomore effort, reports the Los Angeles Times. While nothing has been set in stone, he explained the reasoning behind the title. “Hip-hop is all about moments,” said the 23-year-old rapper. “You look at people who were hot three or four years ago who are sitting around reminiscing. It’s fickle. It’s a game of moments. I’m the moment right now.” (Rap-Up)

Along with a sophomore album, the rapper is also putting together a free R&B mixtape.

Always a gentleman, Drake smiled for the cameras and chatted briefly about his upcoming R&B mixtape and sophomore album at the BlackBerry Torch launch party in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (Aug. 11). “I’m working on this mixtape, I got an R&B mixtape that I’m working on,” Drake said in an interview. “I’m always accustomed to giving out free music, so I’m working on this new project for free and I’m also working on my second album, you know? Collaborations on that, anything is possible.’ (Rap-Up TV)

As of now, Drake’s Thank Me Later is close to reaching platinum status.

Young Money rapper Drake’s Thank Me Later slipped one notch to No. 12 with 23,400. Heading into his 11th week, the emcee’s long-awaited debut should reach platinum status next week with 993,500 records already sold. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out some recent Drake footage down below:

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