Drake’s Films New Music Video In Jamaica, Recruits Mavado To Make Cameo

Drake’s Films New Music Video In Jamaica, Recruits Mavado To Make Cameo

New reports suggest that singer Mavado may have a major role in the music video for Drake‘s upcoming single, “Find Your Love.”

According to reports, the video shoot is taking place in Jamaica  and will be directed by Anthonly Mandler.

The video and its production is being kept tightly under wraps from foreign and local media. However, a source close to the production revealed that the video was a three-day shoot being filmed throughout Kingston, starting yesterday and ending on Wednesday. When THE STAR visited the set yesterday, Drake and crew had taken over the beach and was filming on the hillside, alongside bikini-clad females, overlooking the sea. According to persons working on the shoot, a bonfire was to be set up on the beach in the night for further filming and later the crew was set to move to Cassava Piece for more scenes. The source said, “Mavado has a major role in the video. He and Drake are good friends and when Drake came here the last time he saw some scenes he wanted to have in his next video and thought that Mavado fit the role well.” According to the source, on Drake’s last visit here, he had also recorded some material and he and Mavado are expected to do work together in the future. (Jamaica Star)

Earlier this week, Drake debuted his “Over” music video on the Internet.

The music video from Drake’s new song, ‘Over’, has finally premiered. The Anthony Mandler-directed clip was shot to support the single which has thus far peaked at #17 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #10 on the Hop R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Drake’s debut album, ‘Thank Me Later’, was recently pushed back from it’s original release date of May 25th to June 15th. (That Grape Juice)

Mandler recently gave his break-down on what he hoped fans would gain from the visual.

“I can tell you that it’s not gonna be what you expect,” Mandler said in an interview. “Drake and I were very conscious about trying to push the limits and trying to push things forward. He came to me because he wanted to throw away the conventions of a medium, and take chances and be daring and take certain themes that are relevant to him and try to visualize them in not the obvious way. We spoke at length about his whole story, about the concept of the record, he played me some other tracks, sent me some images, and I went back and did my own images, and started to craft a treatment and voilĂ . We kinda just met head on. We work really closely and he has Oliver, who’s his creative director. Oliver is a really smart casemaker and he comes in and lends a third opinion. It was a great collaboration between the three of us. There was very little label influence.” (Rap-Up)

Earlier this month, Drake talked about touring without his Young Money crew.

“A lot of the Young Money artists are doing their own thing,” Drake said in an interview. “I know Nicki [Minaj] is recording her album. Gudda is on a run right now. It was never brought to me that anybody had the time permitting to be on this tour for two months. Everybody is working on their albums and stuff like that. I love what a lot of people in Young Money have going on right now. But at the same time, I did say to myself I didn’t want other rappers on this tour opening up. I didn’t want to stick anybody in my opening slot. Nicki Minaj is a superstar, so to ask her to be on [the tour], unless we split the tour and both had equal time.” (MTV)

Check out Drake’s “Over” music video down below:

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