Drake’s $40 Million Just Makes Top 20 Biggest Worldwide Tour Chart

Drake’s $40 Million Just Makes Top 20 Biggest Worldwide Tour Chart

Young Money rapper Drake has landed a spot on the annual Top 50 worldwide tour gross chart with over $40 million in the bank.

Although nowhere close to Madonna’s $296.1 million, Drizzy managed to snag a spot at No. 19.

Madonna grossed $296.1 million to easily claim the No. 1 spot on the chart. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band claimed the second slot at $210.2 million. Both acts played to more than 2 million fans in 2012. Roger Waters generated $186.4 million to come in at No. 3. He is also the highest ranking hold-over from the 2011 chart where he placed No. 5 with a gross of $103.6 million. Proving there is a global diversity of attractions, only 13 artists from 2011 made this year’s Top 50. It is also worth noting that the global brand strength of Cirque du Soleil has never been greater with eight different touring shows ranking on the chart. (Poll Star)

Not alone in the Top 20, additional Canadian artists included rockers Nickelback and pop star Justin Bieber.

Canadian artists to make the top 30 included: folk icon Leonard Cohen in seventeenth spot ($46.1 million), hard rockers Nickelback in eighteenth position, (43.6 million) superstar rapper Drake in nineteenth (43.3 million), teen pop idol Justin Bieber in twenty-third (40.2 million) and Celine Dion in twenty-ninth spot (36.5 million). (Examiner)

Earlier this year, Drake spoke on the importance of his worldwide Club Paradise tour.

“Club Paradise has been something that I’ve crafted, it’s like a meeting place for fans of the music that I’ve put out to really see the songs come alive,” Drake shares. “We started with a college run with two very exciting artists, A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar, and Chase N. Cashe from L.A., who opened up first. That was the best tour I had been on. We came over to Europe and we did U.K. and a Scandinavian run, which was essentially bringing that same college show minus A$AP and Kendrick because their buzz is growing so big that they had other obligations like Coachella.” (The Boom Box)

Outside of hitting the road, the Toronto hip-hop artist also makes a pretty penny courtesy of music streaming site Pandora.

Have you ever wanted to know how much artists like Lil Wayne and Drake make in royalties from streaming their music on Pandora? Yesterday, Pandora’s CEO Tim Westergren used a blog post to shed some light on how much his company is paying artists each year, from the most popular to the relatively obscure. The purpose of his blog post was to promote internet radio as a viable source of income for musicians, at a time when the music business in general is struggling to survive. Here is how much a sampling of popular and lesser known artists are making per year off Pandora’s streaming royalties: Lil Wayne – $3 million Drake – $3 million Coldplay – $1 million Adele – $1 million Wiz Khalifa – $1 million (Celebrity Networth)

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