Drake & Weeknd Finally Put An End To The Beef Rumors

Drake & Weeknd Finally Put An End To The Beef Rumors

Months after holding an alleged grudge against one another, Toronto natives Drake and The Weeknd have hooked back up, seemingly ending all beef speculation for good.

While details are still limited, a photo of the music duo has made its rounds across the Internet this weekend.

It could be a dimly lit strip club, or a studio. OK, most likely a studio, but maybe not… Toronto princes Drake and The Weeknd took a moody picture together that’s as ambient as their collaborations. The photo, which wound up on Abel’s (that’s The Weeknd’s real name) Instagram, suggests that the two might have another track in the works, bringing their total to … we lost count. Both team OVO and team XO have projects coming out shortly.The Weeknd (that’s team XO) is gearing up to release his new, revealing LP Kiss Land on Sept. 10. Drake (that’s team OVO) drops his third LP Nothing Was the Same the following week on Sept. 17. No new friends, what? (VIBE)

A couple weeks ago, Weeknd cleared up various rumors about having issues with Drizzy.

“No, that’s not true. Definitely not true. But it makes sense. The thing about Drake is I told him what my decisions were going to be. And he was down with it from the beginning,” Weeknd added when asked about the Drake rumors. “Everything. I told him from day one what my decision was going to be. I wasn’t going that route. I was going to go my own route. And he supported me. I don’t like to spoon-feed people. I don’t like to be like, “You know what? I’m going to let the world know that we’re cool. We’re going to take a picture together. Everyone’s cool.” It’s all about the mystery, and people like it. Shit’s WWE, man. It’s wrestling, you know what I mean?” (Complex)

Earlier this year, Drake appeared to take aim at Weeknd on his “5 AM in Toronto” record.

It seems Drizzy felt he should have been placed higher. Or rather, he just doesn’t even care about the list at all. He’s beyond rap lists, to hear him tell it. He says as much on his new cut, spitting: “I swear, f*ck them n*ggas this year/ I made Forbes list, n*gga / F*ck your list, everything’s lookin’ gorgeous.” Elsewhere, he takes shots at the Weeknd, whom he’s seemingly had a falling out with. “I show love, never get the same out of n*ggas/ Guess it’s funny how money can make change out of n*ggas/ For real, some nobody started feeling himself/ A couple somebodies started killing themself/ A couple albums dropped those are still on the shelf/ I bet them sh*t would have popped if I was willing to help.” (The Boom Box)

Past speculation suggested tensions rose when Weeknd went on to pursue his own solo ventures without Drake’s involvement.

Well The Weeknd eventually went on to sign a solo deal with Universal Republic this past September and release Trilogy with no attachment to OVO in November. That’s apparently when Drake and The Weeknd’s relationship went sour. The Weeknd was suppose to sign to a Label started by Drake called “OvO”. He started it under Warner and even courted the name among hip hop fans as OVO – XO or commonly OvOxo (Xo being The weeknds Brand). Obviously it was set up for The weeknd to be the Lead Artist of Drake’s Imprint and Drake placed his brand behind it early by putting him on songs on Take Care and giving him great media looks with songs and collabs. (Late Night Creep)

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