Drake Sets The Mood For Upcoming Tour, “Women Can Come Out & Feel Sexy”

Drake Sets The Mood For Upcoming Tour, “Women Can Come Out & Feel Sexy”

Young Money’s Drake hopes his upcoming Away From Home Tour will provide fans with a unique musical experience.

According to the Canadian-based rapper, his set will also feature a live band.

“It’s a musical experience, it’s about a mood,” he says. “Women can come out and feel sexy. It’s gonna be good. I picked the show that I would be at, you know? I don’t know how people are gonna receive it. I hope that they come to my tour with an open mind, because it’s not me and Pleasure P and Trey Songz. It’s not what people would necessarily expect. It’s not the tour that’s based around hip-hop or R&B music. To me it’s based around refreshing sounds.” (Rolling Stone)

He will also be accompanied by fellow Canadian artist K-OS.

Titled the “The Away From Home Tour,” Drizzy plans on making stops at Penn State, Michigan State University, West Virginia University, University of Central Florida and the University of Kentucky among other schools. He will also be performing at this year’s New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. The Grammy-nominated artist will be taking fellow Canadian-bred MC K-OS with him on the road as well as synth pop band Francis and The Lights. “Away from Home” is part of 5th Annual Campus Consciousness Tour, produced by Pretty Polly Productions and non-profit environmental organization Reverb.The tour will kick off on April 5 and run until May 8. Fans can visit prettypolly.com for more info and a full list of tour dates. (XXL Mag)

Next month, Drake is going to hit the stage a this year’s Bamboozle Festival in New Jersey.

Drake and Ke$ha are the latest artists added to the Bamboozle Festival roster, joining MGMT, Paramore, Mike Posner and Weezer. Drake will be performing right before Paramore on May 1 and Ke$ha on both May 1 and 2. (AZ Central)

Drake recently spoke on wanting to bring his Toronto, Canada hometown more spotlight.

“Toronto is the biggest inspiration behind my music,” he said in an interview. “I do everything I do for Toronto. It’s a city I really believe in. It’s got a bunch of great people. We got a lot of undiscovered things in Toronto, man: women, nightlife, restaurants, clubs and talent. Women, first. I just wanna bring the city to the forefront. I feel like every place needs an ambassador. They need somebody to show the rest of the world how magical that place can be. I think Jay[-Z] does it for New York, a lot of people do it for Atlanta, Kanye did it for Chicago. A lot of rappers take it upon themselves. So I just really wanna be that guy for Toronto.” (Canadian Press)

Check out a recent Drake interview down below:

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