Drake Says Keep Dreaming: “A Lot Of People Wish Their Favorite Rapper Wrote It”

Drake Says Keep Dreaming: “A Lot Of People Wish Their Favorite Rapper Wrote It”

Young Money’s Drake delves into his Nothing Was The Same anthem, “Started From The Bottom,” and why he is down for bringing the entire world into his personal life in the latest issue of GQ magazine.

Based on an excerpt from his cover feature, Drizzy does not hold back on what ultimately motivated the buzzing track.

“I think a lot of people wish their favorite rapper wrote it–as if a song like that should be gangster–but I was the one who wrote it, and everyone has their bottom. As for my whole story, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve told bits and pieces of it–and I’ll tell more. Maybe because I had friends who grew up in the hood, I could have acted like I had, too, and perpetrated a different lifestyle, and it would be eating away at me because it wouldn’t be the truth. I’m actually here in front of you living the truth. I wake up in the morning and my heart is light, man. It’s not heavy. I don’t have skeletons in the closet on their way out. This is my real age, my real name, my real past, and I’m good with that.” (GQ)

The song’s catchy title has even made its way onto fast food restaurant Taco Bell’s sauce packets.

At about 3 AM this morning (likely while suffering from a severe case of the munchies), Drake Instagramed a photo of a Taco Bell hot sauce packet that read, “Started from the bottom now we’re here.” In case you’re not familiar with Taco Bell, their special made condiment packets feature quotes on them that are a cross between Fortune Cookie messages and TextsFromLastNight. Just grabbing the ones scattered on my desk there’s ones that read, “Things jut got real,” “If you never do, you’ll never know,” and “You have chosen wisely.” (Complex)

The song inspired Drizzy’s music rival Chris Brown to take a hard swing at him with a publicized reference.

If you thought Chris Brown and Drake were getting any closer to deading their feud, think again. Breezy took the opportunity to throw a shot to his musical nemesis when he appeared on the remix of Young Jeezy‘s “R.I.P.” single, which dropped Friday (March 29) on DramaLikeTheDJ.com. “Dearly departed, I bought a plane I departed/ And if you started from the bottom, go on and come out the closet,” Chris rhymes on the song’s final verse, making a clear reference to Drake and his “Started from the Bottom” single. The two made major headlines last June after a now-infamous bottle-throwing brawl in a New York City nightclub, which reportedly involved both men and members of their respective entourages. While the feud has quietly carried on, there has been a subliminal war of words brewing. (MTV)

Cash Money Records boss Birdman recently revealed his and Lil Wayne‘s initial reactions to hearing the anthem.

“Drake… he’s just not normal when it comes to music. He’s a fresh talent. He’s not a replica. He don’t duplicate. He’s setting his own tone and his own everything with music,” Birdman told MTV News of hearing “Started From the Bottom” for the first time. “I think this record’s really something for him to be different…he’s not a normal guy. He’s one of the most talented, really on earth, to me when it comes to music. … So to me I loved it, when [Lil Wayne and I] first heard it we were amazed.” (MTV)

Check out “Started From The Bottom”:

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