Drake Says “HYFR” Brings Fans Into The Mind Of Drizzy

Drake Says “HYFR” Brings Fans Into The Mind Of Drizzy

Young Money star Drake recently discussed his buzzing “HYFR” music video and specifically how his approach to the visual helped make it an overnight must-see.

In Drake’s perspective, the music video showcases pure rawness and a more naturalistic vibe.

The clip opens with a young Aubrey “Drake” Graham at a Bar Mitzvah saying “mazel tov” into the camera, before the introduction tells fans, “On October 24, 2011, Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham chose to get re-Bar Mitzvah’d as a re-commitment to the Jewish religion.” The Toronto native thought it was all too perfect. “I think it’s just insight into my genuine character. I think that’s what’s most entertaining about it,” Drake said, guessing why the clip became such a big hit. “The fun being had in the video is real fun and insight into my mind because I thought of this. This is a Drake moment, a lot like the talking [I do] onstage, because that’s really me.” (MTV)

Back in April, the platinum-selling rapper talked about the motivation for centering on his religious roots.

“I’m really celebrating my religion,” Drake said in behind-the-scenes footage, “I’m proud, a proud young Jewish boy. So, when I had a Bar Mitzvah back in the day, my mom really didn’t really have that much money. We kinda just did it in the basement of an Italian restaurant, which I guess is kinda like a faux pas. I told myself that if I ever got rich, I’d throw myself a re-Bar Mitzvah. That’s the concept for the video. Myself, obviousy, the CEO, the boss, Weezy and the Birdman.” (Derick G)

In the actual music video, Drake gives viewers a luxury version of his ideal Bar Mitzvah.

At the top of the clip, Drizzy heads to synagogue and reads from the Torah, no doubt using his vocal prowess to completely slay his Torah portion. Once he’s done with the service, Drake and his pals head over to the party which is packed with kosher wine top shelf liquor and yarmulkes designer suits. Always the generous baller, in addition to a Torah-shaped cake, Drake provides his guests with a smorgasbord of Jewish classics (bagels, challah, whitefish salad, cream cheese schmear) and after they indulge in the feast, Drizzy and Co. dance the night away to the Hava Nagila. Oh, and did we mention “HYFR” is also rife with footage of a 13-year-old Drake at his first Bar Mitzvah? (Buzzworthy)

The track stems off his Take Care sophomore album which has already pushed out over 1.7 million copies since its release last fall.

Young Money rapper Drake’s Take Care moved down five positions to No. 41 with 9,400. With 28 weeks knocked out, Drizzy’s sophomore effort stands at 1,753,500 sold copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out the “HYFR” music video below:

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