Drake Says He’d Never Have Recorded “H.A.M.” Verse, “Wayne Is The Reason I’m Here”

Drake Says He’d Never Have Recorded “H.A.M.” Verse, “Wayne Is The Reason I’m Here”

While the buzz between Lil Wayne and Jay-Z going at each other’s necks has died down, Young Money’s Drake now claims he would never have recorded a verse to the Watch the Throne “H.A.M.” single out of respect to Weezy.

Despite Jay’s subliminal “Baby Money” reference, Drizzy said his loyalty to Wayne would not allow him to contribute if given the opportunity.

“If I had heard it? No,” Drake said in an interview. “Because Wayne’s done way more for my career than Jay-Z. Wayne is the reason I’m here. Jay-Z did that for [J.] Cole, that’s his artist. Cole’s my brother, he’s an artist I respect so much but I know he’d say the same thing. We’ve got bosses. We’re just falling in line, doing what we got to do.” (GQ)

In October, Drake talked about contributing to Wayne’s “It’s Good” record which featured Weezy responding to Jay’s “H.A.M.” line.

“I really just did my verse over the beat,” Drake said of “It’s Good,” a track from Lil Wayne’s “The Carter IV.” “I’m a soldier for Wayne, he put me here, so I did what I had to do and what he does with the song after that is completely up to him… I think Wayne, who is never afraid to step up to the plate, did what he did back and that’s what hip-hop is about. I have the utmost respect for Jay, he’s a brother to me.” (Billboard)

A few days prior, rapper Rick Ross shared his thoughts on Weezy and Jay going at each other’s necks.

“I put no input in it really,” Ricky Rozay told DJ Absolut. “Those are both of my homies, I’m fans of both of them, they’re both super rich. I ain’t trippin’. You know, I don’t really get into the better emcee. It’s just about accomplishing whatever it is you want to accomplish. You know what I’m saying? And both of those dudes are pretty [secure]. That’s what my focus is right now. Just making sure I accomplish what I set out to accomplish as a team.” (Take This Serious)

In early fall, Jay downplayed the seriousness of Weezy’s “It’s Good” diss where he threatens to kidnap his lady.

Jay-Z told us he didn’t want to dwell on the topic, especially considering the education fundraiser was about a positive cause. But he didn’t have much to say about Wayne’s “It’s Good,” other than that it was to be expected in hip-hop. “That’s sport, that’s rap music,” Jay said. “Nothing is going to change but the participants. I don’t even see why that’s news.” (MTV)

Check out “It’s Good” below:

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