Drake & Rihanna Go Bottoms Up, Sizzle In Miami Night Spot

Drake & Rihanna Go Bottoms Up, Sizzle In Miami Night Spot

Young Money star Drake and Rihanna are once again making steamy romance headlines this Memorial Day Weekend with photos of the alleged ex-couple getting cozy in Miami now circulating online.

Although a time stamp on when the photos were taken remains unknown, the “Take Care” duo are spotted partying it up at Miami’s LIV.

Rihanna and Drake have a quite interesting relationship. The “We Found Love” singer and the So Far Gone rapper got super close in Miami recently when the pair was photographed hugged up in Club Liv. They both seemed to be having a great time, with Rihanna appearing to be feeling the effects of her libations as she leaned again Drake. If you’re worried, don’t be, Rihanna is having the time of her life, living it like it’s golden. Drake and Rihanna have been extremely friendly with one another for a while now. Drizzy dropped a few lines about her in a few of his songs, but who knows … things could get serious this time around! (Global Grind)

Known for their past romance, West Coast rapper Kreayshawn previously joked about their bond.

“No, that’s not my boo thing,” Kreay laughingly said in an interview. “We’re cute. Like I said, me and him, we’re both cute. We could be cute. But, I’m not trying to snatch Rihanna’s [boo] or nothing like that. You know, I don’t know if the rumors is true, I’m a busy woman anyway…People are already tweeting the ‘Drake and Kreayshawn, uh-oh, Rihanna’s with him.’ I’m like, people can’t be friends? Whatever. He cute. I’m cute. I just feel like me and him relate a lot just from coming up quick…” (“Mina SayWhat”)

Last summer, reports of Drizzy and RiRi entering an adult retail shop laned online.

Sexy rocker RIHANNA turned the kinky portrayal of sadomasochist s*x on her chart-topping “S&M” into reality, whispers My Canuck Spy – who spotted Star Vixen hand-in-hand with old flame DRAKE at Wicked Wanda’s Adult Emporium in Ottawa, where she cracked whips, then spent $1,000-plu$ on handcuffs, a riding crop/whip, bustier, pasties, boots, edible undies, collar and leash, spandex hood and…a chocolate p*nis! Said the salesbabe: “Have fun.” Purred Rihanna: “I always do!” (National Enquirer)

Earlier the same month, speculation of a mid-June romantic encounter between Drizzy and RiRi caught heat.

Drake and Rihanna got pretty damn close at a nightclub in Canada a few weeks ago … snuggling up at a private booth — but does the pic back up the rumor that they’re really more than friends? The photo was shot at the Buonanotte Supperclub in Montreal on June 12 right around midnight. One source inside the club tells us the two were “all over each other” the entire evening … and were even seen making out. Rihanna has denied the two are an item — but after seeing this pic, you buyin’ what she’s sellin’? (TMZ)

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