Drake Reveals New Year’s Resolution, “I’ve Gotta Be Honest”

Drake Reveals New Year’s Resolution, “I’ve Gotta Be Honest”

Young Money rapper Drake has revealed his New Year’s resolution and detailed what he plans to thrive toward throughout 2011.

According to Drizzy, he sees himself being a much better person this year.

“Well, we don’t have resolutions we’ve just got reservations. I try to live my life right every day. Then again I can’t really say that, I’ve gotta be honest, that’s a line from the album. I do actually have resolutions. It’s crazy, I really had a moment seeing some old friends and being around my family. I was just like, I do pride myself on being a humble guy that is still connected to his fans and still every much with the people. But I just wanna get even better than that, as challenging as it is, I just want to be a better guy, a nicer guy. I really want people, when I leave this earth, to say that was a great man, that was a great guy, he was always kind. But that takes a lot because there’s a lot of sh*t that can frustrate you in this position but that’s one of my things man. I just want to live this year, not getting caught up in certain things, even when people frustrate me still shake everybody’s hand.” (Global Grind)

The rapper also reflected on his pre-fame days and said he wanted to handle himself better.

“I remember when I use to be that kid just coming up and I use to go to everyone’s dressing room and say hello and shake hands and tell them what songs I love. Now you get to that point where it becomes like clockwork and you kind of just walk in and walk out and there’s something that bothers me about that. I want to be a little more personable like I haven’t made it and it’s just business. I wanna get back to me before, before all of this whirlwind. That’s my resolution.” (Global Grind)

Drake’s Young Money labelmate, Nicki Minaj, recently shared her New Year’s resolution.

“[I’ll be] touring around the world. It’s looking like the biggest, baddest, I don’t know … I should’ve had something better to say,” she began, and then invented a few words on the spot, for emphasis on just how big 2011 will be for the “Your Love” singer. “[I’m going to be the] biggest, baddest, boldest, booming-est, fearless-ocity-est, Pink Friday-est, girl,” she promised. (MTV)

Examining the past year, R&B singer Rihanna reportedly lived up to her 2010 resolution.

Rihanna was looking to take up another talent this year, and she did just that! The pop star said at the beginning of 2010 that she wanted to learn the drums, and former Blink 182 percussionist Travis Barker helped make that goal come to fruition. In March, Barker tweeted: “Teaching Rihanna some things on drums.” Rihanna is even seen on drums in the music video for her song “Rude Boy.” (ET Online)

Check out some recent Drake footage below:

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