Drake Reveals His Top 5 Influences, “Leonardo DiCaprio Lives His Work”

Drake Reveals His Top 5 Influences, “Leonardo DiCaprio Lives His Work”

Young Money rapper Drake recently revealed artists who influenced his career like actor Leonardo DiCaprio and the late rocker Jimi Hendrix.

Drake also said rap stars Jay-Z, Kanye West and Andre 3000 played a large role in motivating his career.

“I like the way he [Leonardo DiCaprio] carries himself and how much he lives his work. That is something that I hope to accomplish. I don’t think I live my work…Second would be Jimi Hendrix, I love how he just performed under pressure…Third would be Jay-Z. Everything about Jay, how long he has been in the game as a rapper, you know how intelligent he is, you know who he is married to…Fourth, I would have to say, in my life, I would have to attribute Kanye West with a lot of inspiration…And last I would have to say Andre from OutKast. The whole Outkast being a part of my childhood.” (All Hip Hop)

Recently, Drake also talked about his top five favorite rappers of all-time.

Lil Wayne: It’s hard as a rapper not to become repetitive, and he always has a new way to make it fun. Andre 3000: If I wasn’t myself, I would want to be that guy! Kanye West: I’ve never been so moved by a person’s entire career. He’s the guy I’ll tell my kids about. Nas: He influenced this album a lot. I had to break down how he raps. Jay-Z: You look at [other] rappers from his era, and they couldn’t transcend generations. But he’s still completely relevant. (All Things Fresh)

Earlier this year, Drake credited Nas and Andre 3000 for inspiring his debut album, Thank Me Later.

“It’s gonna be bigger, it’s gonna sound happier,” Drake said comparing his debut album to So Far Gone. “Yeah, it’s gonna sound bigger, it’s gonna sound victorious because that’s where I am in my life — I really studied Nas to be honest, Nas was like somebody that I used to listen to his raps and not really understand ‘how’ he did it, I always wanted to understand how he painted those pictures and his bar structure and all of that. I went back and really studied Nas, studied Andre 3000 [for this album] and I hope you like it.” (IM Flashy)

Last summer, Drake spoke on fearing Lil Wayne’s creativity.

“Someone would really have to come to the studio to see me and Wayne together and how we work,” Drake said in an interview. “It’s the same sort of thing. I fear Wayne’s creativity. It’s endless. It’s a scary beast. He never takes one day off. When we get into the studio it is very competitive, but in a good way. You can’t just use a line you wrote Tuesday. Every line has to be thought out.” (The Boom Box)

Check out Drake speaking on Nas & Andre 3000’s influencing him down below:

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