Drake Recruits Hip-Hop Pioneer For “Thank Me Later” Follow-Up

Drake Recruits Hip-Hop Pioneer For “Thank Me Later” Follow-Up

Young Money‘s Drake has reportedly recruited hip-hop pioneer DJ Premier to work on the follow-up to this year’s Thank Me Later debut.

According to Preemo, his relationship with Drake developed around September.

“I met Drake at the Jay-Z and Eminem concert at Yankee Stadium. A good friend of mine does some charity work for Derek Jeter and was also working with Drake…He told me Drake wanted to come say ‘what’s’ up real quick before he got on the stage with Jay…He said ‘Yo next album I want to do some stuff [with you]’ and that’s pretty much the end of it.’ He comes down and sits down next to us to watch the show and everybody in all the other suites next to us started bugging. He was just chilling there and not acting like he was too cool.” (VIBE)

Earlier this year, Drake said he was contemplating a second album title.

Drake’s debut album hasn’t even hit stores yet, but he’s already thinking of a second album title. Moments is the name he’s been tossing around for his sophomore effort, reports the Los Angeles Times. While nothing has been set in stone, he explained the reasoning behind the title. “Hip-hop is all about moments,” said the 23-year-old rapper. “You look at people who were hot three or four years ago who are sitting around reminiscing. It’s fickle. It’s a game of moments. I’m the moment right now.” (Rap-Up)

Young Money CEO Mack Maine also recently talked about Drake’s progress on his second LP.

“Drake’s crazy,” Young Money president Mack Maine said in an interview. “He’s doing a [R&B] mixtape right now. He called me one night, like two in the morning. He has the intro done for the new album. We was discussing dates where he should come back. That’ll be soon. And this mixtape, he’s gonna put that out quick. His formula is crazy. He works fast. I can’t give the secret away to the formula. He’s a musical genius. The way he and [producer] 40 put things together is crazy.” (MTV)

The rapper’s new album has already sold over a million copies since being released last June.

Young Money star Drake’s Thank Me Later moved up two notches to No. 41 with 9,300. With 20 weeks in the books, Drizzy’s debut stands at 1,142,600 sold copies. (SOHH Slaes Wrap)

Check out some recent Drake footage below:

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