Drake Receives Ultimate Co-Sign From Sports Icon: “You’re The True Great One!”

Drake Receives Ultimate Co-Sign From Sports Icon: “You’re The True Great One!”

Young Money’s Drake may be a top contender in the rap game but his sports ties continue to grow after receiving some love courtesy of professional hockey icon Wayne Gretzky.

Over the weekend, Drizzy revealed a personalized autographed jersey from Gretzky.

It’s not certain if the great Wayne Gretzky heard Drake’s “I’m fly like the New York Jets be/In a G5 two nines on me like Wayne Gretzky” line from his “Stay Fly” freestyle. Regardless, Gretzky apparently does appreciate Drake for repping the country the right way, so he gifted Drake an autographed jersey–complete with the signature “99” and a personal message. “To Drake,” the written message says. “You are the true great one!” That’s a pretty damn good co-sign if you ask anyone who’s even remotely familiar with Gretzky’s legacy. (Complex)

Drizzy recently spoke up for his best pal NCAA football star Johnny Manziel in light of the negative press he had received this year.

“Despite what some people report, I actually consider myself a positive reinforcement in his life. I try to keep him on track. I know he has a bright future and he’s displaying it right, especially in his last two performances,” Drake explained in an interview. “He’s a great guy and he’s got the best intentions. He does nothing with malicious intent. I love him to death. We’ve gone from sort of like I’m a fan of his and he’s a fan of mine to genuine friends. And I think we’ll be friends for a long time. He is a pure soul. … He’s not a wild guy. He’s passionate about music and he’s passionate about football. In his free time when he (wasn’t) playing football, he chose to come see me. … For me it’s not about hanging out and looking cool because I know Johnny Manziel. I care about this guy.” (ESPN)

The Toronto native is known for tossing out tweets in Manziel’s honor onto his Twitter page.

“JOVOhnny Football!! Go Time!,” Drake tweeted September 14. (Drake’s Twitter)

Aside from sports love, the Young Money stud recently hooked up with one-time girlfriend Rihanna for a fun night out at a Houston strip club.

Jhonni Blaze, who says that she danced for the pair for over three hours last night, exclusively told E! News that Rihanna arrived at V Live Gentlemen’s Club alone at around 2 a.m. and, half an hour later, Drake showed up and asked club security to move Rihanna over to his section. “I bet you want to be sitting with Drake, right?” Blaze said she overheard a security guard asking Rihanna, who smiled and said yes. And once they were together, they “looked like a couple,” sat very close to each other and were even dressed alike, Blaze recalled. She said the two were “really cool people” and that Rihanna even gave her advice about her budding singing career, telling the dancer to “dream big” and not be afraid to put herself out there. (E! Online)

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