Drake Recalls Horrific Experience: “I Thought I Had Completely Ruined My Life” [Video]

Drake Recalls Horrific Experience: “I Thought I Had Completely Ruined My Life” [Video]

Days away from his scheduled appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” Young Money’s Drake appeared on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and delved into an array of topics including his freak experience with marijuana.

According to Drizzy, he relied on marijuana to help kill some nerves before an audition.

The former “Degrassi” star also recalled his first-ever audition. “It was the first audition I went on, but it was also the day that I got accepted by these real cool Jewish kids at school,” he said. It was also the first time he tried weed. “I started really getting paranoid. I thought I had completely ruined my life. I was splashing water on my face like a Clearasil commercial,” laughed Drake. He was “devastated” and didn’t tell his mom, but he got a call back and landed the role of Jimmy Brooks. But these days, he doesn’t take any drugs before he goes on stage. “I don’t understand people that can go under the influence of anything really,” said Drake. (Rap-Up)

In related marijuana news, Colorado made history earlier this month by allowing residents 21 years or older to purchase the drug for their own purposes.

Colorado’s ambitious experiment in cannabis policy hit a historic milestone Wednesday, when licensed stores began making the first legal sales of recreational marijuana anywhere in the world. At least 37 stores across the state were fully licensed and opened to sell marijuana to anyone 21 or over for any purpose, according to official lists and Denver Post research. Sales began at 8 a.m., and activists — who passed the marijuana-legalization measure in November 2012 that made the sales possible — arranged a ceremonial “first purchase” at the stroke of 8 at the Denver store 3D Cannabis. (Mercury News)

The LOX’s Styles P previously spoke to SOHH about the state’s unexpected decision to welcome marijuana recreational sales.

“You know I was [excited when Colorado legalized marijuana],” Styles told SOHH. “I was glad for them. I say congratulations to them! That’s a big step, and I hope it spreads. I pray [one day] it [hits New York]!” (SOHH)

New York rapper Smoke DZA previously told SOHH he feared marijuana becoming legal.

“I hope not,” Smoke told SOHH when asked if he thinks marijuana will ever be legalized. “I would rather it be decriminalized than legalized. My whole thing is, on that subject, is when you legalize something, you give [the government] a chance to give you whatever they want. It’s just like when Yahoo took over Myspace, it wasn’t that cool any more. Decriminalizing would be the way to go because you could smoke your weed wherever you want and nobody could tell you anything. That’s decriminalizing something. That’s not getting penalized. But when you legalize it and you’re able to buy it over the counter, they’re sprinkling other stuff in the product. It’s probably not the same [levels of] THC you’re going to get. I’m not into legalizing, I’m into decriminalizing.” (SOHH)

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Check out a portion of Drake’s appearance:

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