Drake Proclaims “Mama We Made It!!!” After Saucy Co-Sign

Drake Proclaims “Mama We Made It!!!” After Saucy Co-Sign

Young Money’s Drake can add Taco Bell to a growing list of businesses borrowing his catchphrases after posting an Instagram shot of his lyrics appearing on one of the fast food restaurant’s sauce packets.

While it is not yet known if the packet is legit, Drizzy boasted about his “Started From the Bottom” appearing on a spicy flavor.

“Mama we made it!!!” Drake happily shared on Instagram today. The rapper was over the moon after seeing a Taco Bell hot sauce packet featuring the phrase “Started From The Bottom Now We Here,” which he famously raps on his single “Started From The Bottom.” He may be eating south of the border, but per Instagram, it seems that Drake has been hanging out in Las Vegas. (RapFix)

According to reports, Taco Bell has been using known quotes on their sauce packs as of late.

At about 3 AM this morning (likely while suffering from a severe case of the munchies), Drake Instagramed a photo of a Taco Bell hot sauce packet that read, “Started from the bottom now we’re here.” In case you’re not familiar with Taco Bell, their special made condiment packets feature quotes on them that are a cross between Fortune Cookie messages and TextsFromLastNight. Just grabbing the ones scattered on my desk there’s ones that read, “Things jut got real,” “If you never do, you’ll never know,” and “You have chosen wisely.” (Complex)

Late last year, Drizzy caught feelings when he noticed various retail spots making profits off his catchy “YOLO (You Only Live Once)” expression.

It’s true — you only do live once, and in this lifetime, Drake wants a check for all that YOLO merchandise. The Canadian teardrop shed the holiday spirit on Christmas Eve in favor of a capitalist one, uploading two photos to Instagram of YOLO clothing and demanding that someone cut him a check. The photos were taken in a Walgreens and a Macy’s, meaning that Drake is either a cheap and lazy Christmas shopper like the rest of us or he has a roving team of YOLO spies policing drug and department stores across the country (stop snitching!). (Gawker)

Outside of making lyrics world renowned, Drake has kept busy working alongside hip-hop greats like Jay-Z.

And another Jay-Z collaboration is on the horizon. After Raekwon instagrammed a picture of himself and Hove a couple of days ago, another pic of Jay and Drake has now surfaced. The picture was taken by Lenny Santiago, the longtime A&R over at Def Jam and friend of Jay. This caption has been added: “Warning: Please be very afraid of the music we’re working on. OVO x ROCNATION” As we know, Drizzy is working on his new album Nothing Was The Same this summer, it is also rumored that Jay-Z is working on a full-length as well. (Hype Trak)

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