Drake Preps Record Deal Announcement, “The Burning Question Will Be Answered” [Audio]

Drake Preps Record Deal Announcement, “The Burning Question Will Be Answered” [Audio]

Rap newcomer Drake has announced plans to publicly reveal which label he will sign to for his upcoming debut album within the next few days.

Keeping details to a minimum, the Young Money associate promised an announcement would follow in less than a week.

“I’m like, maybe, five days away maybe,” Drake said about making a record deal announcement yesterday (June 18). “Just give me five days, I’m sorry, I can’t. The burning question will be answered in five days…I’m out here in Miami working with Pharrell and I’m even realizing oh, we got so much more to give to these people. I just started working on my album pretty much a couple days ago and I’m still seeing the creativity is flowing at an amazing level.” (WGGC)

He previously spoke on his initial aim to possibly release his debut album independently.

“A lot of people argue about my buzz,” Drake said in an interview. “‘Oh it’s just the Internet buzz’ or ‘Oh it’s not real, it can’t materialize,’ so I think if I did put out an album with no label, I think I could really prove a point which is the changing of a generation because we don’t have the same marketing tools Roc-A-Fella used years ago, that Master P used to sell albums. We don’t have those tools, the game has changed. I feel like if I sign to a label and go platinum the first week, they’ll be like ‘Oh, it was the label push,’ but if I did it without, people might say this is really changing, the Internet is a powerful tool. And when you use it the right way, you can make magic happen. I really think it would be legendary, I don’t know how possible it is, because there’s different things you have to consider like distribution, marketing budget and what not. But we have a pretty strong team so I’ma see if we can make it happen.” (Semtex TV)

Despite his close association with Lil Wayne, Drake recently said he is not signed to Weezy’s label.

“I’m not signed to Young Money but definitely Young Money is a family to me,” he said in an interview. “I’m definitely YM affiliated, you know? I have the utmost love for everybody over there, the utmost respect. Mack Maine and Jae Millz, those are like brothers to me, you know? Nicki [Minaj]…And now that I’m in this position I?m just trying to get everything all the way straight.” (Vibe)

He will also be featured on Jay-Z‘s upcoming Blueprint 3 album.

DJ Skee had the opportunity to preview “Off That,” Jay’s first single from The Blueprint 3. “I don’t want to really ruin the surprise,” the host of Sirius XM’s “Skeetox” radio show reluctantly tells Rap-Up.com. “I mean it’s Jay, he’s killing it.” While he didn’t disclose details, he did build anticipation for the record. “Jay sounds pretty incredible, man.” Skee confirmed that hip-hop’s hottest newcomer, Drake, lends his talent to the song. (Rap-Up)

Check out Drake’s phone interview below:

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