Drake On Leading Young Money For Lil Wayne, “I’m Gonna Do Everything I Told Him I Would Do”

Drake On Leading Young Money For Lil Wayne, “I’m Gonna Do Everything I Told Him I Would Do”

Young Money’s Drake has promised to lead the path for Lil Wayne‘s team as he completes a one-year jail sentence for gun possession.

The Canadian-bred emcee shared his thoughts on what Wayne may be experiencing right now.

“I’m gonna do everything I told him I would do, what I said in the song: keep us afloat till he gets back,” Drake said in an interview. “You won’t even notice he’s gone. Promise…I don’t think fame really has anything to do with his situation. We take precautions. All of us do. To be in the public eye and to be envied and have people who hate you and never have met you or have people who love you and tattoo your face on their body and never have met you, it’s an odd feeling for anybody. It’s a rush [for me]. I love it. It gets weird sometimes. So it’s just personal choices we all make. I never felt that threatened. I’m not sure what’s going through his head at the time. But Wayne has a reason for everything, always. I trust in Wayne. I believe in Wayne. He’s gonna be all right.” (MTV)

Since being placed behind bars earlier this month, Wayne has been already experienced restrictions due to his fame.

A rep for the Correction Officer’s Benevolent Association tells us officials issued the no autograph mandate because “Lil Wayne is not a celebrity in here.” The rep also tells us Wayne isn’t getting any special treatment while at Rikers — but we’re told the rapper really hasn’t requested anything out of the ordinary. (TMZ)

He was officially sentenced to a year behind bars last week.

Lil Wayne has been sentenced to a year in jail after pleading guilty in a New York City gun case. The Grammy Award-winning rapper was taken away in handcuffs to start serving his term immediately after his sentencing. He’ll serve his sentence in city jails, not a state prison. He could be released in about eight months with good behavior. (CBS News)

The night prior to beginning his term, Wayne bid a final farewell to fans via a UStream broadcast.

“Shout out my n—a Justin Bieber,” he said, continuing his public conversation with the teen sensation. Wayne also revealed a new addition to his label of talented artists. “Shout out to my n—a Cory Gunz, about to be the newest member of the Young Money team.” (MOG)

Check out a recent Lil Wayne interview down below:

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