Drake On His Famous Sex Position, “I Hit You W/ This Thing I Call The ‘Drizzy 3 Stroke'” [Video]

Drake On His Famous Sex Position, “I Hit You W/ This Thing I Call The ‘Drizzy 3 Stroke'” [Video]

Young Money’s Drake has brought his female fan base a step closer into his intimate life by describing his favorite sex position, personally dubbed, the “Drizzy 3 Stroke”.

The rapper/singer put a crowd of London fans up on his sex game over the weekend.

Drizzy Drake is doing his thing worldwide and letting people know about his special tricks in the bedroom. While Aubrey Drake Graham is on his Thank Me Later tour, he touched down in London’s Hammersmith Apollo yesterday (Saturday 8th January 2010), seducing his female audience with his favorite sexual positions. One particular move which Drake favors is called the ‘Drizzy 3 Stroke’ where the rapper says he flips the female over, gives the lady a 1,2,3 motion, leans over and says “Oooo na na, What’s My Name?” (The Source)

During the London show, Drake proceeded to give step-by-step instruction of the Drizzy 3 Stroke.

“I really want to be able to lay you down on your back — look you in the eyes and sh*t,” Drake said. “We can do it how ever you want, for ever how long you want but I kind of got this thing I always end with — You know I flip you over and you arch your a** up a little bit and I hit you with this thing I call the ‘Drizzy 3 Stroke.’ I grab you right here and I do the three stroke — the last one is crazy I promise. That’s when I lean over and put one question in your ear [‘What’s My Name’]” (Necole Bitchie)

Despite his intimate speech, Drake is known for promoting safe sex.

“Yo what’s going on man,” he said in the advertisement. “This is your boy Drake and I’m out in the H-Town. You already know. Get informed, not infected. Use strapped condoms and save lives. I approve this message. Yeah.” (Stay Strapped Condoms)

Outside of romance, Drake’s Thank Me Later debut album has continued to sell records since its June 2010 release.

Young Money rapper Drake’s Thank Me Later made a 33-spot boost to No. 43 with 15,400. With 29 weeks knocked out, his debut album has sold 1,268,800 copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out Drake describing the “Drizzy 3 Stroke” down below:

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