Drake On “Find Your Love” Track, “It Almost Feels LIke The Song Should Be Performed By A Woman”

Drake On “Find Your Love” Track, “It Almost Feels LIke The Song Should Be Performed By A Woman”

Young Money’s Drake has opened up about his new Kanye West-produced song, “Find Your Love.”

While Drake says men should be able to relate to the song’s content, he said his R&B feel may have caught fans off-guard.

“I look for love in the wrong people,” he said in an interview. “It just always seem like the women I find are poison for me. I love women that can just walk into a room and stop the whole area. And I think that those initial qualities always end up getting me hurt, which is a crazy thing for a guy to say…’Find Your Love’ is an extremely vulnerable song. And it’s actually a huge risk. It almost feels like the song should be performed by a woman. I’m just hoping that men really hear the song and they’re honest with themselves. I know a lot of men feel that way.” (Entertainment Weekly)

The single was released on the Internet last week.

Drake tweeted early morning on April 29, “I better find your loving …I better find your heart”. His second single from the most anticipated album, Thank Me Later, was unleashed on the Internet. In seconds music lovers flocked the Internet to listen to the song .”Find Your Love,” is produced by hip-hop genius Kanye West. Now, Drake released its second song, “Find Your Love.” Earlier, in March a track titled “Fall For Your Type'” was leaked over the Internet. There are rumours that this song will be featured in the much anticipated album. (Meri News)

Some critics have compared the sound to Kanye West’s 2008 album, 808’s & Heartbreak.

The mechanical beats of the track, including thumping drums and “hey hey hey” refrains will almost immediately call to mind West’s Grammy-snubbed masterpiece 808’s and Heartbreak, but don’t be so quick to write “Find Your Love” off as a copycat or reject, as Drake has left no stone unturned to make you forget all these similarities. Kanye West, a famous music director with whom Drake has been working from the very beginning of his musical career, had made this song exceptionally well. Actually as far as I think, he had made this song in such a way that the song will surely remind you all those cherish moments that you might have spent with your loved ones! (Buzz Tab)

Drake filmed a music video for the song last month in Jamaica.

The video and its production is being kept tightly under wraps from foreign and local media. However, a source close to the production revealed that the video was a three-day shoot being filmed throughout Kingston, starting yesterday and ending on Wednesday. When THE STAR visited the set yesterday, Drake and crew had taken over the beach and was filming on the hillside, alongside bikini-clad females, overlooking the sea. According to persons working on the shoot, a bonfire was to be set up on the beach in the night for further filming and later the crew was set to move to Cassava Piece for more scenes. (Jamaica Star)

Check out Drake’s “Find Your Love” song down below:

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