Drake Names The Greatest Place On Earth

Drake Names The Greatest Place On Earth

Young Money’s Drake has never been one to shy from making proclamations and now he has revealed where he feels is the greatest place on earth.

Showing admiration toward Canadians roots, Drizzy proclaimed his hometown’s greatness.

“Toronto is truly the greatest place on this earth.,” Drake tweeted Saturday (March 19). (Drake’s Twitter)

Last year, Drake talked about the importance of representing for his city.

“Toronto is the biggest inspiration behind my music,” he said in an interview. “I do everything I do for Toronto. It’s a city I really believe in. It’s got a bunch of great people. We got a lot of undiscovered things in Toronto, man: women, nightlife, restaurants, clubs and talent. Women, first. I just wanna bring the city to the forefront. I feel like every place needs an ambassador. They need somebody to show the rest of the world how magical that place can be. I think Jay[-Z] does it for New York, a lot of people do it for Atlanta, Kanye did it for Chicago. A lot of rappers take it upon themselves. So I just really wanna be that guy for Toronto.” (Canadian Press)

In October, Drake’s October’s Very Own blog featured his favorite Toronto-based records.

I Love My City: Theres alot of people, and music, that shaped me when I was young. Its amazing to realize that so much of it was from home. There was always something special about hip-hop coming out of this city, I’m just honored to be a part of it. These are just a few of my favorite Toronto classics. Ghetto Cocept‘s “E-Z On The Motion.” Saukrates featuring Marvel’s “Hate Runs Deep.” Point Blank’s “Life/Thinline.” Citizen Kane’s “Raisin’ Kane.” (October’s Very Own)

Last August, Drake displayed his love for Toronto by bringing out Jay-Z and Eminem at one of his shows.

The loudest cheers of the night by far, as Eminem joined Drake on stage for his verse on “Forever.” Slim Shady kicked the rapid fire flow, decked out in all black everything. He disappeared as quickly as he arrived. But Toronto showed their appreciation for every second Em was on stage. Things are heating up. There’s another surprise up next. Just when things couldn’t climb another decibel, Drake takes it up one more level (on top of nose bleeds, as J.Cole would say) by bringing out Brooklyn’s finest. Jay-Z joined the Toronto upstart on stage for “Run this Town.” (MTV)

Check out a recent Drake interview below:

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