Drake Motivates Glasses Malone’s Crooning Game, “I Can’t Top Him Doin’ What He’s Doin'”

Drake Motivates Glasses Malone’s Crooning Game, “I Can’t Top Him Doin’ What He’s Doin'”

Cash Money Records’ Glasses Malone recently opened up about getting inspired by fellow CMYMB labelmate Drake and how he wishes he had Drizzy’s singing abilities.

While he admits Drake may edge him out with crooning, Glasses said his focus is pumping the streets with gangster music.

“I wish I could sing sometimes, but I can’t, so what I try to do is keep carving my niche at this gangsta sh–,” he told Mixtape Daily. “I figure, I can’t top Drake doin’ what he’s doin’. Drake is that n—a, he got it together. [Lil] Wayne is that n—a, but I could make them n—as like, ‘Man that n—a G’s sh– hard.’ And once you do that, you win…Me and Drake, we talked a couple of times. We barely finna do somethin’ now. I just couldn’t figure out a song for Drake. I don’t talk about girls.” (MTV)

Earlier this year, former Bad Boy Records artist Shyne credited Drake’s singing ability as a key component to his success.

“I think the Drake kid has serious potential to go down in the history of rap,” Shyne explained in an interview. “I definitely get inspired. He’s not really a rapper. He’s a musician, you dig? He sings and he makes great music. I’m inspired by what he does…Most of the people I interact with are honest people. They are who they are. Drake is a kid that says ‘Listen, I’m not from the streets. I’m just making good music.'” (Superstar Radio)

Despite Drake’s singing talent, he previously spoke on not feeling confident enough to give up rapping for an R&B career.

“I could never really take singing on the road the way I can take rapping on the road. I can’t get on stage and blow people away with my range and vocals. I’m a studio singer because I can convey emotion and I have unique melodies, so that’s kind of what I pride myself on, but that’s where it stops. I make music more for people to listen to rather than to hold me as an R&B artist. Not to wish that I couldn’t sing better. If I could sing like Trey [Songz] then yeah, I’d definitely just want to be a singer. If I could do anything, trust me, I wish I could just sit at the piano and sing.” (VIBE)

Glasses Malone’s long-awaited Cash Money debut is slated to drop at the end of August.

After eight years of releasing great mixtapes Glasses Malone steps up to plate by releasing his debut album ‘Beach Cruiser’. It will be released next month on August 30th including his first single “Rich N Thuggin” features fellow West Coast rapper Ya Boy. Naturally all his latest hit-singles such as Certified and Haterz will be on the album as well as new collabo’s with Lupe Fiasco, Snoop Dogg, T. Pain and Rick Ross, among others. (Music Remedy)

Check out a past Glasses Malone interview down below:

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