Drake Makes Surprise Reunion Go Down: “We Just Did A Song Together” [Video]

Drake Makes Surprise Reunion Go Down: “We Just Did A Song Together” [Video]

Young Money star Drake has reportedly hooked back up with his estranged father, Dennis Graham, and have at least one record in the books.

While details are scarce, Drizzy’s pops broke the new of their recent reunion.

Drake has worked with everyone from Jay Z to Lenny Kravitz, but for his next collaboration, he’s keeping it in the family. The Canadian rapper has recorded a song with his father. TMZ recently caught up with Drake’s pops Dennis Graham on the streets and asked him if he and his famous son had made music together. “I have! We just did a song together,” he told the cameraman. Graham was the drummer for rock star Jerry Lee Lewis and taught Drizzy how to play piano when he was young. (Rap-Up)

Over the summer, some throwback footage of Drizzy speaking on his dad surfaced online.

“This is my dad, him and my uncle worked with Al Green. That’s basically why I do it. He taught me everything. So, thank you dad, I don’t get to see you that often but my love is always with you. … I’m a music fanatic, so, I got some Fab, some Marvin Gaye, Kanye West, Big L, Jay-Z, all the Jay-Z albums, I don’t know, we could go on for days.” (“Degrassi: Unscripted”)

Recently, the rap star spoke on their distanced relationship and how often they link up.

“Me and my dad are friends. We’re cool. I’ll never be disappointed again, because I don’t expect anything anymore from him. I just let him exist, and that’s how we get along. We laugh. We have drinks together.” (GQ)

Recently, the Toronto native revealed he had about five unreleased tracks which could pop up in the near future.

“I’m not a guy that does 40 songs for a project and picks 13 of them. If I’m gonna go as far as to track over a beat, I usually have the utmost faith in it that it’ll end up somewhere,” he explained. “I don’t really dispose of too many songs. I have stuff that didn’t make this album definitely, but I don’t have 20 or 30 of them — I have four or five records that just didn’t make it because I was trying to keep it concise and whatever I end up doing with those, I’ll do with them.” (CBC Radio)

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