Drake Locked Himself Away At Diddy’s Crib “For Two Days”

Drake Locked Himself Away At Diddy’s Crib “For Two Days”

Rap mogul Diddy recently discussed Drake‘s seriousness as an artist and revealed the Young Money star taking time to lock himself away at his home to work on new music.

According to Puff, the time they spent together ultimately turned into their Last Train to Paris collaboration, “Loving You No More.”

“I wanted to be smart enough to go to the newest generation, the flyest, young gun of MCs and writers and humbly ask them for help,” Diddy said in an interview. “To be honest, a lot of cats were busy. I can respect that. But Drake took the time to stop what he was doing and he was the hottest one in the game. He came to my house for two days, we went to Canada for three days…[Drake] gave me advice for records when I needed somebody else, a fresh ear and he went above and beyond. I appreciate him for that. This is a big record for us because of that and because of the way he treated me and we didn’t really know each other. He treated me with so much respect, so much love. And he’s one of my favorite MCs, period, so working with him was dope.” (MTV)

In the summer 2009, Diddy and Drizzy were rumored to be recording new music together.

The producer took the “Degrassi” grad under his wings for a recording session. And that’s a rap! As far as initiations go, hanging out with Diddy in Toronto the other night must have been right up there for Drake, Canada’s (and hip hop’s) Next Big Thing. There they were at Sotto Sotto. There, again, at Century Room. There, too, in the recording studio above Tattoo Rock Parlour, on Queen, where the Gatsbyish Diddy was said to be recording with the Toronto singer, and where the impressario was seen coming down the common stair well, posing like a pro for pics and jetting off just as fast in his SUV chariot. (National Post)

Recently, rapper Young Jeezy revealed spending around three months at producer Shawty Redd‘s Atlanta home to record his upcoming Thug Motivation 103 album.

The album is like a hip-hop version of the StonesExile on Main St or Dylan‘s Basement Tapes: To make it, Jeezy went completely off the grid, descending in early 2010 into the basement studio in producer Shawty Redd’s south Atlanta home. He didn’t come out for three months. The vibe was different from what the Stones had in the South of France, however. Redd had recently returned home from jail on a murder charge, posting $200,000 in bail. (A trial date is still pending.) Jeezy begins the story of the sessions like this: “I had just got off tour with Jay-Z when Shawty got home. I went to his crib, we chopped it up, and finally I said, ‘I’m gonna go home and grab my stuff.’ Shawty was like, ‘Grab what stuff?’ I came back with all my clothes and sh*t and moved in.” Jeezy hung a flat-screen in his new bedroom and even stocked the cupboard with his favorite cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. (GQ Magazine)

Puff’s new Last Train to Paris album is slated to drop in mid-December.

“What’s up y’all,” Diddy said in a video. “It’s your boy. I’m about to start doing a lot of Diddy blogging. Last Train to Paris coming out December 14th. December 14th. December 14th. I’m just trying to show off my sh*t, yeah. Check it out, we here, at the video shoot for this joint called ‘Loving You No More,’ Rodney Jerkins produced it. This is how we kick it, super fly n*gga sh*t.” (P Twitty TV)

Check out some recent Diddy footage below:

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