Drake Juggles R&B Mixtape & “Thank Me Later” Follow-Up [Video]

Drake Juggles R&B Mixtape & “Thank Me Later” Follow-Up [Video]

Young Money’s Drake has informed his fans that he is currently juggling two new projects, which include an upcoming untitled R&B mixtape and his Thank Me Later follow-up.

Although scarce with details, Drake did say fans could expect no limitations in regards to who could be featured on his sophomore LP.

Always a gentleman, Drake smiled for the cameras and chatted briefly about his upcoming R&B mixtape and sophomore album at the BlackBerry Torch launch party in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (Aug. 11). “I’m working on this mixtape, I got an R&B mixtape that I’m working on,” Drake said in an interview. “I’m always accustomed to giving out free music, so I’m working on this new project for free and I’m also working on my second album, you know? Collaborations on that, anything is possible.’ (Rap-Up TV)

Earlier this month, Drake said that his inability to put out free rap albums motivated him to switch things up and drop an all-R&B tape.

“Me and 40 working on it,” Drake said in Toronto at his OVO Festival. “I got you. I think I got a great body of work with that tape. I’m gonna do it like I do all my other tapes. I’m gonna make a night out of it. Just make sure you’re on the Net that night downloading, and it’s yours. I feel the people deserve it. It’s hard for me to put out free rap albums these days. So the best I can do is switch genres and put something out for free. It’ll be yours very soon.” (MTV)

In a recent interview, Drake said his emcee skills outshined his R&B talent.

“I could never really take singing on the road the way I can take rapping on the road. I can’t get on stage and blow people away with my range and vocals. I’m a studio singer because I can convey emotion and I have unique melodies, so that’s kind of what I pride myself on, but that’s where it stops. I make music more for people to listen to rather than to hold me as an R&B artist. Not to wish that I couldn’t sing better. If I could sing like Trey [Songz] then yeah, I’d definitely just want to be a singer. If I could do anything, trust me, I wish I could just sit at the piano and sing.” (VIBE)

Drake’s Thank Me Later debut is roughly 55,000 albums shy of selling over a million copies.

Young Money artist Drake’s Thank Me Later slid three slots to No. 8 with 31,200. With two months under his belt, Drizzy’s long-awaited debut has sold 945,900 records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Release dates for either project have not yet been revealed.

Check out Drake’s interview down below:

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