Drake Hearts Trey Songz, “I Talk To Him About Everything”

Drake Hearts Trey Songz, “I Talk To Him About Everything”

R&B singer Trey Songz recently opened up about his relationship with Drake and how their connection is deeper than the bond he shares with other friends.

Songz said he & Drake’s lives are parallel.

“For two young men going through the same thing in life right now as far as women, as far money and endorsements, shows, records, popularity is definitely cool to have somebody to talk to,” Trey said in an interview with Angela Yee. “No matter how many people I got around, how many homeboys I got or homeboys he got — nobody understands this unless you’re living it. So to have conversations like women, money or whatever like I said, I talk to him about everything I’m going through right now and he talks to me about the same.” (Power 105.1)

Last September, Songz said Drake was interested in joining for a Best of Both Worlds-esque collaboration.

“What’s most important about creating that body of work is that people are gonna want to see that. People are going to want to see you perform that, and he’s already created a lane for himself as a singer. Although he really doesn’t accentuate that part of him in the forefront of his shows or things like that, I think, at this point, it’s essential that the way he does it doesn’t veer people away from the message of the artist Drake is. He’s very smart and very calculated. He’ll figure out how to do it…He said he’s ready [for a duet album]. I think it’s all about when the people want it. I don’t think people are ready for that yet. Because it’s all about placement. We could be much bigger stars when we do that. It’s all about the success we attain individually.” (VIBE)

In 2009, Songz admitted to skepticism over doing a full collaboration project with Drake.

“We’ll have to see,” Songz explained in an interview. “That’s crazy. We always talked about that when — life. Look forward to seeing more music from us. I think we’ll make music together as long as we’re both making music. We’ve done some songs for his album, but we do songs all the time. There’s no telling if those songs will be on the album or not. I’m sure we’ll work together again before his album is out in stores, but we got some special stuff brewed up.” (Rap-Up)

During his appearance at Songz’s summer 2009 MySpace Music concert, Drizzy displayed his admiration for his “The Usual” sidekick.

“New York City,” Drizzy told the crown from a hidden place in the venue. “I gotta take the time to do this, to introduce you to the greatest R&B singer of our generation. Trey, Songz, baby!” (Miss Info)

Check out a recent Drake interview down below:

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