Drake Gets Schooled By Justin Timberlake, [“It’s] Like What Wayne Tells Me”

Drake Gets Schooled By Justin Timberlake, [“It’s] Like What Wayne Tells Me”

Young Money rapper Drake has opened up about his admiration toward pop star Justin Timberlake and how the former N’Sync artist provides similar guidance to what he’s accustomed to from Lil Wayne.

Drake also pointed out the strong rapport he maintains with JT.

“There’s just people that you meet along the way that are great individuals,” Drake said in an interview. “Just really open for conversations and jokes, and Justin is one of those guys. We built a rapport because I wasn’t walking in trying to be an overly cool rapper, and he wasn’t like, ‘I’m JT the heartthrob.’ It was two guys, and we were talking. We started kicking jokes, and that was it. Every time I see him, it’s a bunch of laughs…[Justin] always has great things to say, amidst the funny moments. The best thing about Justin, he reinforces the fact, like, ‘You’re doing the right thing. The way you are now, just be that guy.’ Much like what [Lil] Wayne tells me. ‘What you’re doing is working. Don’t change anything. Be approachable, be humble, be nice. It goes a long way.'” (MTV)

Last week, Drake revealed he would be clocking in studio time with Timberlake.

“I’ve always wanted to work with him, and it’s in the works right now,” Drake said. “Me and Justin Timberlake will probably have a song soon. I’m really excited about that, cause I’ve wanted to work with Justin for a long time.” The details are still unknown as to when we can expect to hear the collab, or what direction the song will take, but it’s good to hear JT is working on music again. Could this mean a follow-up to “FutureSex/LoveSounds” is in the works? What do you think? (Billboard)

Last December, West Coast rapper Game revealed he had recorded new music with Timberlake as well.

“Yeah, Justin Timberlake came through last night,” Game revealed in an interview. “It just, the vibe changed. It went to where I could see Grammy awards. I had a really dope energy from him just being in the booth last night. Pharrell didn’t call him, I don’t know how he fell through but he fell through man. Two JT’s in the studio at the same time and the PW, it’s gonna be classic. Justin Timberlake is big sh*t man. Everybody listens to Justin Timberlake — from little white girls from Malibu to chicks in the hood. The songs he comes out with to the features on Timbaland’s album, and working with Pharrell in the past and all the way back to my little sister loving her N Sync CDs.” (Rap-Up)

Aside from collaborations, Drake turned heads over the weekend by bringing out Lil Wayne as a surprise guest at a Las Vegas concert.

Last night, Drake performed the last show of his Light Dreams and Nightmares tour in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel. Tyga, Lloyd and Birdman were a few of the guests in attendance. With Lil Wayne fresh out of jail, there were rumors and speculation that he would be performing at this show. No one had an answer until Drake performed “Miss Me” and Lil Wayne ran out to join him on stage. (Karen Civil)

Check out Drake speaking on Justin Timberlake down below:

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