Drake Gets “Fancy” For The Ladies, “It’s Just Made To Make Women Feel Special”

Drake Gets “Fancy” For The Ladies, “It’s Just Made To Make Women Feel Special”

Young Money rapper Drake recently talked about the motivation behind his upcoming “Fancy” music video and said his Thank Me Later visual is strictly for the ladies.

For the video, Drizzy re-linked with his “Find Your Love” director, Anthony Mandler.

“It’s just made to make women feel special,” Drizzy told MTV News on the set of the video. “It’s a great performance video.” Drake teamed up with director Anthony Mandler, whom Drizzy dubs a “phenomenal cat” and who has, so far, helmed all the clips for Thank Me Later. Mandler, T.I. and Swizz Beatz all put in work on the “Fancy” video, but Drizzy was also geeked out about an artist who was grinding behind the scenes. Drake entrusted the clip’s footwork to renowned choreographer Fatima Robinson and gushed that working with the dance diva was “an honor in itself.” (MTV)

The song’s producer, Swizz Beatz, recently said Andre 3000 was being considered to appear on the track.

“Andre 3000 was supposed to be on ‘Fancy,’ ” Swizz revealed. “Drake had a group of people he wanted to be on it: Andre, Tip, this one, that one. But the deadline for the album rushed a lot of things. [Drake] can tell you the rest, but Tip just wound up being on it. Which I’m cool with, cause that’s the homie.” (MTV)

Drake was recently spotted recording a music video for his Lil Wayne-assisted track, “Miss Me.”

Video Crashers! We snuck in to the Drake’s “Miss Me” Video shoot in Atlanta today. No camera’s were aloud on the closed set, so feel blessed we made it happen. The red lights were bouncing off the white walls as Drake did his thing solo, without Lil Wayne? But no worries for Drake, his buddies were on the scene as well, Gutta Gutta & Mack Maine of Young Money. It’s a typical Drake Video. We don’t have too much else to say, due to strick secruity and the fact that no one except workers were there. Z, We got ‘em! Team work .. ha ha. (Kore Magazine)

After a month in stores, Drake’s Thank Me Later is inching toward platinum status.

Young Money rapper Drake’s Thank Me Later also remained put at No. 2 with 73,900. With a solid month in the books, Drizzy’s long-awaited debut has sold 782,800 records to date. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Listen to Drake’s “Fancy” single below:

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