Drake Gets Animated Over Sophomore LP, “Winnie The Pooh On This Next Album”

Drake Gets Animated Over Sophomore LP, “Winnie The Pooh On This Next Album”

Young Money’s Drake will take a trip back to his youthful days and use the Disney cartoon character Winnie The Pooh as motivation for his sophomore album, Take Care.

Drake has appreciated the honey-craving bear throughout his childhood.

While his peers are spending their money on jewelry and cars, the “Fancy” rapper splurged on the first edition of Charlotte’s Web and the first four books in the Winnie the Pooh series. “I bought the first-ever Winnie the Pooh books, like all four Winnie the Pooh books,” he told DJ Semtex during his recent trip to the U.K. “It cost me a lot of pounds, man. I probably could have bought a small car for that.” (Rap-Up)

He also promised Pooh’s prescence would be evident on his sophomore LP.

“Winnie the Pooh is like super not hip-hop [but] that’s my influence, man, Winnie the Pooh on this next album,” Drake revealed in an interview. “Thank Me Later was a rushed album. I didn’t get to take the time that I wanted to on that record. I rushed a lot of the songs and sonically I didn’t get to sit with the record and say, ‘OK, well maybe I should change this verse.’ Once it was done, it was done. That’s why my new album is called Take Care ’cause I get to take my time this go-round.” (BBC)

Earlier this month, contributing producer T-Minus updated fans on Take Care.

“I was just in the studio for three days in Toronto with Drake and T-Pain, trying to come up with some records. Drake just went on tour, so when he gets back we’re probably going to get back in the studio to do some more work. But his album is a work in progress. [The other day] I was up for 24 hours because we were at the studio the entire night. The new songs were a mix of [rapping and singing]. He actually just did a record in the studio with 40, and man it sounded crazy. It was more of a R&B record, and T-Pain was on it as well, but man, when that finished product comes out it’s going to be nuts. I think he’s probably going to drop like in the fall, possibly October. But I’m not too sure.” (Complex)

The rapper has also recruited hip-hop pioneer Q-Tip for his Thank Me Later follow-up.

Q-Tip also provided a beat for rap phenom Drake’s much-anticipated follow-up to this summer’s Thank Me Later, though he has yet to hear the finished product of that collaboration. “He told me it’s incredible,” Q-Tip deadpans. “I’m going to take his word for it.” (Entertainment Weekly)

A release date for Drake’s upcoming new album has not yet been announced.

Check out some recent Drake footage down below:

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