Drake “Fighting To Make” Dream Collaborations A Reality

Drake “Fighting To Make” Dream Collaborations A Reality

Grammy-nominated rapper Drake has updated fans on his pursuit of securing music veterans Andre 3000 and Sade for a dream collaboration entering into 2011.

Admitting he has not yet linked with either artist, Drake remains hopeful on what the future may bring.

Teaming up with the “Smooth Operator” songstress and one half of rap duo Outkast is an ideal match for Drake, who says he’s “fighting to make that happen.” Adds the rapper: “Both of them are hard to find, actually. I think it’s possible. If it happens, I think it would be legendary. That’s my ideal. That’s my one that I’m waiting on.” (PEOPLE)

Although Drizzy has not gotten Sade’s recorded vocals, the rapper recently revealed taking her out on a date.

“I do like older women, can I tell you who I met the other day and she was so beautiful, Sade,” Drake told radio host Angie Martinez. “I had lunch with Sade the other day. There were other people around. [I didn’t hit on her,] that would be disrespectful. Just seeing her, she does it for me. I like maturity…Really, I really do love to converse. I love that connection. I do love conversation. I truly do, I love those moments…Once you like, get it off, there’s like, sorry, there’s that 20 seconds after that’s probably the realest 20 seconds of your life. Things like conversation and personality matter in those 20 seconds. And those 20 seconds being the realest moments of a man’s life…” (Hot 97)

Last year, Drake revealed his interest in trying to collaborate with Sade and Andre 3000 for his debut album, Thank Me Later.

“I really, really wanna do a joint with Sade,” he revealed in an interview. “I really wanna get Andre 3000 on the record. And I really wanna do a song with Kings of Leon. Yeah, slowly, but surely [I’m trying to get the guest features]. We’ll see.” (Rap-Up)

Sade later came forward and said the rapper’s camp never reached out to her.

“I don’t think they have contacted me,” she explained in an interview. “I’ve never collaborated because I’ve always avoided working outside my safety zone — I can be exactly who I am and can fail or success within the moment. I feel safe working like I do. I wouldn’t want to work in a situation where I am expected to deliver because I think I wouldn’t deliver.” (National Post)

Check out some recent Drake footage below:

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